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Learn how to install, connect and test a wired or wireless Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.
Here’s a guide to calibrating your Xbox 360 Controller for use on Windows-based computers.
Learn troubleshooting tips for USB flash drives on Xbox 360.
Learn how to use the Xbox 360 Play & Charge Kit
Find out how to install or remove an Xbox 360 Hard Drive from the original Xbox 360 console, as well as from the new Xbox 360 S.
Learn how to connect an Xbox 360 wired controller to a computer running Windows.
You can chat with friends on Xbox Live using the Xbox 360 Wired Headset. Find out how to get it set up here.
Learn how to use the Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable to transfer content from one Xbox 360 console to another.
Learn about Xbox 360 storage devices and options for storing and moving Xbox 360 content between consoles using the Xbox 360 Hard Drive, a USB flash drive and the Xbox 360 Transfer Cable.
Not hearing any sound from your Xbox 360 Wired Headset? Find out what solutions to try to fix this problem.
A guide to connecting a wired or wireless controller to your Xbox 360 console, including how to change batteries and what to do if a wireless controller doesn't work.

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