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Troubleshoot Xbox Live code redemption issues


If your prepaid code isn’t working, or if you see an error, look for the solution on this page.

Sample Xbox Live prepaid code cards.

Important You can't use prepaid codes if your account is suspended or has an outstanding balance. To resolve any issues with your account, contact Xbox Support.


You receive an error code, such as 801613c9 or 8016a04b

If you receive an error code when you try to redeem your prepaid code, use the Error Code Lookup Tool to look up your error and find your solution.

The payment option can't be used for this purchase. Please select a different payment option or add a new one. Status code: 80169cf9

Because the payment option has been removed from your current subscription, you won’t be able to add a prepaid code or token for a subscription while your current one is still active. You’ll need to wait until it has ended to redeem the token.

However, subscription tokens don’t expire, so you can still use it at a later date. To check when your subscription will end, sign in to your account to view your current subscriptions and end dates.


An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later

If there are any issues with the Xbox Live service, try to redeem the prepaid code later.

Please enter a valid code

Try reentering the code shown on your prepaid card. If you have correctly entered the code, contact Xbox Support.

This code cannot be redeemed under your current membership type

Use one of these methods to check your membership type:

  • On your Xbox 360 console, go to Settings, select Account and then scroll to Your Memberships.
  • On your Xbox One console, go to Settings and then Account.
  • On a computer, go to Services & subscriptions in your account.

Certain offers are valid only for an Xbox Live Gold subscription (for example, promotional premium content).

This code has already been used. Please enter a code that has not been used.

You may receive this message when redeeming either a subscription code or a gift card.

Subscription code
If you receive this message when redeeming a subscription code, check Services & subscriptions from a PC to see if the subscription has already been redeemed to your account. Or, you can check Download History on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console. If the content you purchased is already in your download list, you can’t use the prepaid code again.

Gift card
If you receive this message when redeeming a code for a Microsoft gift card, check your account to see if it has already been applied to your account.

  1. Sign in to your account at
  2. On the homepage, your Microsoft account balance appears on the left-hand side of the screen.

You might also check to see if the code was redeemed on a different Xbox account. If you have multiple profiles on your console, it’s possible you may have already redeemed the code on one of those accounts.

Still having problems?

If you still receive this message and have not redeemed your code or gift card, you may need to take the code back to the retailer for replacement.

This code wasn't activated by the retailer. Contact the shop and ask them to activate the card

All codes must be activated at the point of sale in order to be used on Xbox Live. Sometimes there can be a delay at the retailer when activating. If you receive this error message, wait 24 hours and try again. If the card does not work 24 hours after purchase, take the card back to the retailer along with your proof of purchase and ask them to activate it.

Can’t redeem your code

You can’t redeem a trial offer or a prepaid code or you get one of the following error messages when you try to redeem a code:

  • Can't redeem your code, the code is either mistyped or is valid for a different site
  • Can’t redeem your code. Please try again
  • An unknown error occurred

Try these steps:

  1. Make sure that the code you entered matches the code on the card.


    • Codes are 25-digit alphanumeric strings.
    • Some numbers and letters may look similar, so you may want to double-check your code.
  2. Make sure you haven’t already redeemed the code you’re trying to use. 
  3. If you have an outstanding balance for a service associated with your Microsoft account, you might be unable to redeem a prepaid code. Make sure that all the services associated with your account are current and don’t have an outstanding balance. To do this, check the status of your Microsoft account.
  4. Make sure that all billing information and contact information associated with your Xbox account is current. To do this, follow these steps:
    1. Go to your Microsoft account page and sign in using the email address and password associated with the account.
    2. After signing in, you'll be prompted to retrieve a code by email, which is proof of identity. (For more information about setting up proof of identity, see Add security information to your Microsoft account.)
    3. From your Microsoft account home page:
      • To check your contact information, select Your info, and then select one of the links on the page to make any changes or updates.
      • To check your billing information, select Payment & billing, then Payment options, then select the credit card on that page and then select Edit to update the information associated with your payment option.

Something went wrong. Sorry about that. Give it a try in a while

If there are any issues with the Xbox Live service, try to redeem the prepaid code later.

If there are no problems with the Xbox Live service, check the following:

  • The region for the code matches the region for your Xbox Live account. If you need to change your region, see Change your Xbox Live country/region in your billing information.
  • The billing information for your Xbox Live account is correct.
  • The region in your Xbox Live billing information matches the country where you currently live.
  • There's not an outstanding balance on your Xbox Live payment option.

If you need to change the region for your Xbox Live account, go to and then click Change my region.

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