Learn what to do if you can no longer automatically sign in with Kinect after changing your Microsoft account email address.
Learn how to change the password for your Microsoft Account.
Get help signing in to your Microsoft account, resetting a lost or forgotten password and managing your account security.
Learn how to associate additional security proofs with your Microsoft account.
Find information about the online safety and privacy settings Xbox 360 offers. Also learn how to promote a child account to an adult account.
Learn what to do when you do not receive an expected security proof code.
Learn how to password-protect your Xbox Live profile, get the Xbox 360 to remember your password and change the password protection on your profile.
Learn how to add password reset security information to your Microsoft account to enhance its security.
Learn how to manage privacy and online safety settings for Xbox One, for both you and your children.
Learn how to manage a child account’s access to music and videos in the Xbox Music app and the Zune software.
If you’ve used your gamertag on multiple Xbox 360 consoles, you might see a message about it. Learn what it means and what to do about it.
Learn how to fix an error that occurs when you try to set a password for sign-in on Xbox 360.
Learn what a child account is and what qualifies a Microsoft account to be treated as a child account.
Learn how to manage privacy and online safety controls for Xbox One and Xbox 360 from your computer.
Learn what to do if an app or device won’t prompt you for a security proof.
Read the latest Xbox Terms of Use FAQ for current Xbox and Xbox Live policies.
Learn how to help keep your account and personal information secure.
The latest version of the console software makes it easy for you to use your Xbox Live profile or gamertag on multiple consoles. Here's an overview.
Find out how you can promote a child account to an adult account.
Account security is one of our top priorities at Xbox LIVE. By working together, we can help improve Microsoft account security.

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