Learn why you’re unexpectedly prompted for your Microsoft email account and password. Also, learn how security proofs help protect your Microsoft account.
Learn how to associate additional security proofs with your Microsoft account.
Learn what to do if you can't access the security proofs associated with your Microsoft Account.
Learn how to replace out-of-date security proofs to help protect your Microsoft account.
Learn what to do if an app or device won’t prompt you for a security proof.
Learn what to do when you do not receive an expected security proof code.
Learn how to change the password for your Microsoft Account.
Get help signing in to your Microsoft account, resetting a lost or forgotten password and managing your account security.
Learn what a child account is and what qualifies a Microsoft account to be treated as a child account.
Account security is one of our top priorities at Xbox LIVE. By working together, we can help improve Microsoft account security.
Learn how to find your Microsoft account email address.

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