FAQ: Xbox Live Gold Family Pack conversion to individual memberships

What changes were made to my current Xbox Live Gold Family Pack?
Each activated account in your Gold Family Pack has been converted to an individual Xbox Live Gold membership. Each of your family’s new individual memberships has the same amount of time remaining on them as your Gold Family Pack does. Plus, we have added a bonus of 3 months to each account!*

Why did my Xbox Live Gold Family Pack get converted to individual memberships?
We continually evaluate our offerings and are always working to provide services that best meet the needs of our customers and Xbox. The accounts in your Xbox Live Gold Family Pack were converted to individual Xbox Live Gold memberships to prepare for new and exciting upcoming benefits and features on Xbox Live Gold. Through the new Home Gold feature, a single Xbox Live Gold membership allows anyone in your home to enjoy many Gold features, like multiplayer, access to Gold entertainment apps and more on your Xbox One.**

Did I lose any features from my Xbox Live Gold Family Pack because of the conversion?
Activity monitoring reports and Microsoft Points allowances are no longer available. Activity monitoring reports were deactivated at the time of your conversion. Microsoft Points allowances became available after the most recent Xbox 360 system update. Xbox Live family settings, including parental controls for what your kids can access and play on or offline, are still available.

Did my auto-renew status carry over into the new membership?
Your auto-renew status remains the same for your primary account. However, if you want to continue to auto-renew your secondary accounts into individual Gold memberships, you’ll need to add or update the billing information for each of those accounts separately.

Now that my membership has been converted, where can I find the new expiry date for my Xbox Live Gold membership?
You can find your updated expiry date in the My Account section of your Xbox Live account.

How do I find my child’s Microsoft account or password?
If you have forgotten your child’s Microsoft account or password, see Find your child’s Microsoft account.

Note This page also includes the steps to find your Microsoft account information or the information for a parent account.

*Only 36 months can be maintained in an account at a time.

**Home Gold benefits limited to a single, designated Xbox One console in Gold member’s home; restrictions apply. Some Gold benefits cannot be shared; features and requirements subject to change. See www.xbox.com/live.

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