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Having trouble getting your Xbox One Kinect Sensor to turn on? Learn how to troubleshoot this issue.
Learn how to turn your Xbox One console on and off by using voice commands.
Learn how to mount the Kinect sensor for your Xbox One console.
Learn how to set up the Kinect sensor so that it automatically uses Kinect sign-in when you start your Xbox One console.
Before you set up your Kinect sensor with Xbox One, get a few helpful tips.
Having trouble when you try to use voice commands? Learn how to troubleshoot voice command issues with your Kinect sensor on Xbox One.
Learn how to position your Xbox One Kinect Sensor.
Learn the six common navigation gestures to use with your Xbox One console and Kinect sensor.
Learn how to turn your Kinect sensor on or off and how to verify that your Kinect is on or off.
Learn how to get your Kinect sensor recognised by your Xbox One console.
Want to control your Xbox One console by using voice commands? Learn about the available Kinect voice commands.

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