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Gamertag and profile

When you change the region of your Xbox Live account, certain things change in your account while others are unaffected. Learn what the changes are and how to address them.
Learn how to remove an account from an Xbox One console.
Learn how to move your Xbox Live profile and gamertag to a different Microsoft account using an Xbox 360 console.
Learn how to change your Xbox Live gamertag through a browser, on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console, or in the Xbox app on Windows 10.
Learn how to delete an Xbox Live profile that you no longer need from your Xbox 360 console.
Learn how to use your Xbox profile on another Xbox console so you can play anywhere with your gamertag and profile.
Learn how to change the gamerpic for your Xbox One profile from your Xbox One console.
Find out how to download your Xbox Live profile on another Xbox 360 console or redownload if you deleted it.
Find out what to do if you get a “Your account has been suspended due to a problem with your payment option” error message.
Learn how you can turn your offline profile into a gamertag and associate it with a Microsoft account.
Learn how to move your profile to another console using a flash drive or memory unit.

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