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Xbox Live

If you get an error message when you run the Test Xbox Live Connection tool, look for your error message here to find solutions to your connection issue.
If you’re having trouble connecting your Xbox 360 console to Xbox Live or are experiencing a slow or low-quality connection, try these solutions to resolve the issue.
Get help connecting your Xbox console to Xbox Live using a wired or wireless connection.
Find solutions to try if you receive a NAT error or can’t hear your friends online, or if you can’t join or host an online multiplayer game.
Find solutions to try if you’ve previously been able to connect to Xbox Live but are now unable to connect.
Xbox Live is the online service for Xbox 360. Read this page to find out more about Xbox Live and how to connect your console.
Learn what to do if you see error 80151012 when you try to use your Microsoft account on Xbox Live.
Learn what to do if you see error 80151103 when you try to manage, sign in to, or create a new account on your Xbox 360.
Learn what to do if you see error code 8007274C when you’re trying to download an update to your Xbox 360 console.
Can’t join an Xbox Live party or hear someone in a party on your Xbox 360 console? Try the solutions on this page.
Learn what to do if you see error 80004005 when you try to access the Games Store or the Apps Store through your Xbox 360 console.

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