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Use Kinect voice commands with Xbox One

With Kinect voice recognition, you can control and interact with your Xbox One console by using voice commands. This page outlines which locales support voice commands and how to use them.


Supported locales for voice commands

To find out if voice options are available in your country or region, see Xbox One Feature Availability. In the chart on that page, check the Premium/Natural Voice (including "Xbox On") feature to see if it’s available in your locale.

Learning voice commands for Xbox One

One way to learn voice commands is to talk to your Xbox One by saying “Xbox.” The Xbox One will show you a few basic voice commands in response.

If you say “More shortcuts,” the list of all voice commands will appear.


This list shows you all the commands, which include:

  • Getting around: Launch or snap a game or app, or turn off your console.
  • Communicating: Communicate via Skype or send a message to another gamer.
  • Sign-in & profiles: Sign in and out.
  • Video & music control: Control video and music playback.
  • TV control: Change the channel or the volume of your TV (not available in all locales).
  • Gaming: Record your favorite moments or invite a friend to play.

Try saying any of the commands that appear on the list. For example, say “Bing” to search using Bing.

If you’re not on this screen with the voice commands highlighted in green, you'll need to say the term “Xbox” first when using a command. For example, if you’re on a different screen, you’ll need to say “Xbox, Bing.”

Using voice commands on any screen

To find out which voice commands are available on a screen, say “Xbox, Select.” When you use that command, some features will appear in green text. Then you can say the name of that feature to go to it.

For example, if you’re in Xbox Video and you say “Xbox, Select,” a number of items will appear in green. In the example shown below, you can see several items in green. You can say any of the items highlighted in green to go to that item or area. For example, you could say “Browse movies to go to the movie store, or “Browse TV” to go to the TV store.


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