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Problems redeeming a token or QR code on Xbox One


This page describes what to do if you’re having trouble redeeming a token or QR code, or if you receive an error message when attempting to redeem a code.


Unable to redeem a QR code with Kinect

QR codes can only be redeemed with Kinect on Xbox One. (The Xbox 360 Kinect sensor can’t redeem QR codes.) If your Xbox One Kinect sensor can’t redeem a QR code, see Kinect Troubleshooting or enter the 25-character code instead.

Unable to redeem a 25-character token code on Xbox One

Try redeeming the code online at Redeem Code.

Error: Please enter a valid code

This error indicates that the code that you entered is not a valid Xbox code. Xbox codes are 25 characters long, include both numbers and letters and follow a 5x5 format – five blocks of five characters. If your code does not match this format, it is not an Xbox code.

  • Make sure that you have typed the code correctly. Typos are the most common reason for invalid code errors.
  • Make sure that your code is intended for Xbox. Many codes look alike, and some Xbox games include codes meant to be used at the publisher’s website instead of through Xbox Live.
  • Check with the code provider for additional information.

Error: This code has already been used

This error indicates that while the code that you entered is valid, another person has already used it. Most Xbox codes can only be used a single time.

  • Make sure that you haven’t already redeemed the code, possibly under a different gamertag or account. If you live in a household where other people have access to your codes, check that it wasn’t redeemed by someone else.
  • Check with the code provider for additional information. If you purchased the code from a retailer, you may need to discuss returning or exchanging it with them.

Error: An error has occurred during the transaction. Please try again later.

Try to redeem the token code at a later time.

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