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Rise of Nations: Extended Edition troubleshooting


Having problems with Rise of Nations: Extended Edition? Check here to find solutions for common problems.

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MSVCR110.dll error

If you see an MSVCR110.dll error when playing Rise of Nations, this is related to a missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable .dll file. To resolve this error, download the latest version of the .dll file to your PC from here. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the file, reboot your computer and then try playing the game again.

No sound in game

To resolve this error, disable your GS audio/EAX audio (including Direct 3D audio acceleration). Your sound should now work.

Full-screen setting not staying in full-screen mode

If you set the game's resolution to be the same size as your monitor, it automatically defaults back to full screen. If you want to play in windowed mode, be sure to select a resolution smaller than your current screen size.

Significant drop in FPS when playing in water maps

If you experience a significant drop in FPS (frames per second) while playing in water maps, try disabling the water reflections feature. You can find this under Options, and then Graphic Settings.

Can't create depth buffer, D3D11CreateDevice fails or game crashes after intro video

If you get errors related to depth buffers, D3D11Create Device failures or if the game crashes after the introduction video, try installing DirectX 11 on your machine. Download it here:

If the installation fails, determine whether your card is DirectX 11-compatible by going here:

If you're still having trouble, try the steps found here.

No lobbies on the game browser, or can’t find a friend’s lobby

If you’re having trouble finding a lobby, your firewall may be blocking the Steam ports required for P2P play. Open the ports by following the instructions found here.

You may also try adjusting your lobby filter setting to Worldwide.

Lag issues or disconnects

If you experience lag issues, or if the game disconnects frequently, either you or someone you're playing with has a slow Internet connection (which is a drawback of peer-to-peer multiplayer systems). At this time, there's no way to check pings from players. However, if you bring up the in-game score view, you will see a red snail icon next to the player slowing down the game, and a white snail icon next to a moderately slow player.

ELO showing as 0

If your ELO is showing as 0, follow the instructions found here.

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