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How to use your Xbox profile on another Xbox

Play anywhere

The latest version of the Xbox console software makes it easy for you to use your Xbox Live profile (gamertag) on multiple consoles. For example, you can use your profile at your friend’s house, or on a second console at home.

Use your profile on multiple consoles

There are two ways you can use your profile on multiple consoles:

  1. Download your profile from Xbox Live (recommended).
  2. Move your profile to another console using a portable storage device, such as a flash drive or memory unit.

For information on how to download or move your profile, see Manage gamertag & profile.

Profile improvements and changes

The latest console software includes the following profile improvements and changes:

  • You can download your Xbox Live profile to multiple consoles. However, you can only sign in to one profile at a time. See Manage gamertag & profile.
  • Your profile updates automatically on your console and Xbox Live. This happens whenever you sign in or out of your profile.
  • To help keep your account safe, you can choose to require your Microsoft account password on any console. For more information, see Password protect your Xbox Live profile.
  • If the last time you signed in to your profile you were using a different console, you’ll see a notification of this when you sign in. See Your gamertag was last signed in on another console.
  • It takes significantly less time to download your profile.

Password protect your profile

Because profiles are easy to use on multiple consoles, we added password protection to help keep your Xbox Live account as secure as possible. When a profile is password protected, someone must know your Microsoft account password in order to sign in to your profile.

Note If you’ve forgotten your Microsoft account email address or password, see Find your Microsoft account email address. If you want to change your account info, see Manage your Microsoft account.

Profile downloaded from Xbox Live

After you download your Xbox Live profile to a console, you can, if you want, have the console to remember your password. For information about how to protect your password, see Password protect your Xbox Live profile.

Profile moved using a portable storage device

If you move your Xbox Live profile using a USB flash drive or memory unit, the console prompts you for your Microsoft account password when you sign in to your profile on the portable storage device. Previous versions of the console software did not require your Microsoft account. This password requirement is permanent and protects the security of your account, in case the storage device is lost or stolen.

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