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How to configure audio settings on your Xbox 360 console

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Supported audio formats

The Xbox 360 console supports the following analogue and digital audio formats:

  • Analogue stereo
  • Digital stereo PCM, 16-bit, 48 kilohertz (kHz)
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 channel digital audio, 48 kHz
  • WMA Pro
  • Playback of DTS (Digital Theatre Surround) 5.1 media (such as films) by passing the encoded DTS digital bitstream to an external DTS decoder

Connecting your Xbox 360 E console for digital audio

HDMI cable

For digital output to a stereo or home entertainment system, connect your Xbox 360 E console to your HD TV using the HDMI cable. Then, use a cable (not included) to connect the digital audio output port on the television to the digital audio input port your stereo or home entertainment system.

Connecting your Xbox 360 S console for digital audio

You can use the following cables for digital output:

Xbox 360 HDMI Cable (with Xbox 360 HDMI Audio Adaptor) Xbox 360 Component HD AV Cable
picture picture
Xbox 360 VGA HD AV Cable Xbox 360 S-Video/AV Cable
picture picture
SCART adaptor (UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand) Japanese HDAV D-connector AV cable
picture picture

You can connect an optical audio cable with the S/PDIF (TOSLINK) port on the cable or adaptor.


Connecting digital audio to an Xbox 360 S console: If you have an Xbox 360 S console, connect the audio cable to the S/PDIF (optical audio/TOSLINK) port on the back.


Configure the console audio settings

Note The steps below might differ, depending on the type of cable that you use on your console and the audio receiver or the output device that you use.

  1. Start the Xbox 360 console without a disc in the disc tray.
  2. Go to Settings and select System.
  3. Select Console Settings, and then select Audio.
  4. Select Digital Output, and then select the digital output used by your audio system:
    • Digital Stereo 
    • Dolby Digital 5.1
    • Dolby Digital with WMA Pro: This setting enables WMA Pro pass-through if your receiver supports the WMA Pro format.

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