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Set up the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

You can set up your Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows on any Windows 10, 8.1, or 7 tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. There are two steps to setting up the adapter—connecting the adapter to your device and binding your controller.

Connect the adapter to your device

Make sure that your Windows device is up to date and connected to the Internet.

Plug the adapter into a USB 2.0 or 3.0 port on your Windows device, and installation will happen automatically. Drivers for the adapter are built into the Windows operating system.

Note For more information, see Xbox Wireless Controller functionality across operating systems.

Drawing of a laptop computer with an Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows plugged into a USB port on the side

If you're using the adapter on a desktop or other device in which the USB port doesn't face the controller or is blocked by metallic objects, you should use the included USB extender so you'll avoid wireless interference and have a good line of sight to your controller.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows is pictured on a desk next to a monitor and attached by the USB extender to a tower computer located under the desk

Bind your controller

If you've used an Xbox One Wireless Controller before, you'll be familiar with the binding process to pair a controller with a console, or in this case, the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.

In a drawing, a dotted line shows an Xbox controller communicating with a laptop computer via the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows

Follow these steps to bind your controller to the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows:

  1. Connect the Xbox Wireless Adapter to your Windows 10 device (so it has power), and then push the button on the Xbox Wireless Adapter.
  2. Make sure the controller is powered on, and then press the controller bind button. The controller LED will blink while it's connecting. Once it connects, the LED on the adapter and controller both go solid.

Some PCs, such as Microsoft Surface Studio, have Xbox Wireless built in. This enables you to connect your controller wirelessly by using Add a device in Settings. You can also use this method to connect using your Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows instead of pushing the button on the adapter.

  1. On your PC, go to Settings > Devices.
Add devices section on the PC Settings menu.
  1. Choose Add Bluetooth or other device.
Bind button located on the back of the Xbox controller.
  1. Select Everything else.
  1. Select Xbox Wireless Controller.
  1. Click Done.

If you have trouble setting up your adapter or controller, see Troubleshoot the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows.

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