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Editing videos with Upload Studio

Editing gameplay videos that you’ve recorded with the Game DVR feature of Upload is easy with Upload Studio.

Editing Videos

Learn how to choose templates, add clips and customise your videos.

Choose a template

Your template defines the overall structure for your video – how many clips you’ll use, and how you’ll fit them together.

  • Just trim – Great for when all you need to do is shave a few seconds off a video
  • Picture-in-picture – Lets you combine two Game DVR or Kinect recordings to run together at the same time, in the same video
  • Bookend – Allows you to string three clips together
  • Multiclip – Allows you to string five clips together

Add clips

Select a clip segment, and then select either Record with Kinect or Choose Game DVR to either create a new recording from your Kinect, or use existing footage. Repeat this process with each clip segment.


When you’ve added clips, you can elect to Record voiceover or Choose skin to personalise your video further.

Review and finish

You can review your video by using the playback controls at the bottom of the screen. When you’re satisfied, choose Finish to finalise your edits to the clip.

Remember, any video you share is subject to the Xbox Live Terms of Use, so please keep it cordial.

Name and tag

Choose a name for your clip and, optionally, a tag to better help sort it. Once done, choose Upload to begin rendering the clip for uploading to Xbox Live.

Render and upload

Your video will now be rendered and uploaded to Xbox Live. Even though it has been uploaded, it’s not shared with other users at this time. See Sharing clips with Upload Studio for more information.

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