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Dance Central 2: Frequently asked questions

Dance Central 2

How do I share my Dance Central photos?

You can upload Dance Central photos to the KinectShare website. Once uploaded, you can download, print or share your photos on social networking sites like Facebook.

After you dance a song, select Photos from the menu to see the photos taken during the song. Select the photo you want to upload. If you’re not signed in to an Xbox Live profile, you’ll be prompted to do so. Confirm that you want to upload the photo to the Kinect Sharing Centre.

To see and share your photos, go to KinectShare and sign in with your Microsoft account. For more information, see How to share in-game photos and videos.

The game pauses during a party. Why?

If your room is crowded and loud, Kinect might think that someone is trying to use voice commands (such as “Xbox pause”). Here's how to temporarily turn off voice control:

  1. Start Dance Central 2.
  2. From the Main Menu, go to Options, Gameplay Options.
  3. Set Voice Control to Off.

For more information about voice control, please see Dance Central 2 voice commands.

Do Dance Central 1 high scores transfer to Dance Central 2?

No, scores won’t transfer from Dance Central 1 to Dance Central 2. We changed how scores and stars are earned in Dance Central 2, largely because of the new Dance Battle feature. So you'll have to earn new scores for songs that you import from Dance Central 1.

I want to dance an entire song uninterrupted. Can I turn off Freestyle?

Yes, you can turn off Freestyle for Dance Central 2 songs. Here’s how:

  1. Start Dance Central 2.
  2. From the Main Menu, go to Options, Gameplay Options.
  3. Set Freestyle to Off.
Now, you won’t have the Freestyle sections and instead you can dance to more choreography.

Note Freestyle can only be turned off for Dance Central 2 songs and new downloadable songs made available after Dance Central 2 was released. Dance Central 1 songs and older downloaded songs will still have the Freestyle sections, even if Freestyle is turned off.

Why are some of the flashcards gold?

Gold flashcards are worth four times the normal score. In Perform It mode, gold cards combine with your performance multiplier for BIG points. Gold cards can be a game changer in Dance Battle and Free For All modes, so if you’re a little behind, go for the gold!

Why are my Dance Battle scores so much lower than my Perform It scores?

The scoring isn’t the same across both modes. Dance Battle’s scoring system is designed to reduce the inherent advantages that a “Hard” skill level player has over an “Easy” skill level player. The person playing on “Hard” has a scoring advantage, but we wanted to keep the “Easy” player competitive.

What do the ribbons on my dancer’s hands mean?

Perform It mode: Hand ribbons appear when a player is dancing at peak performance (that is, his or her multiplier is maxed out). If both players are dancing at peak performance, the venue changes to an electric nightclub.

Dance Battle mode: Hand ribbons indicate which player is currently in the lead.

How do I unlock more characters or outfits?

Play Crew Challenge to unlock more characters, outfits and achievements.

Can I join in when my friend is dancing a Perform It or Break It Down session?

Perform It session: Yes, just jump in next to them and raise your hand to start. The game will pop up flashcards on your side of the screen and drop you in at the same difficulty as your friend.

Break it Down session: No. Because the player has ultimate control over the pacing and flow of the experience, Break It Down is a one-player-only mode.

How do I enter codes to unlock original Dance Central outfits?

Here’s how:

  1. Start Dance Central 2.
  2. From the Main Menu, go to Options, then Gameplay Options, then Enter Cheats.
  3. Enter your codes here.

If you’re signed in with a gamer profile, the outfits are saved and you won’t need to enter the codes again.

How do I know if I'm an active player?

If you’re the active player, your skeleton is highlighted in one of the shadow boxes in the upper left or right corner. If you're playing with a friend and can’t tell who the active player is, get one player to keep her hands down and the other player to wave.

My friend wants to pick the songs. How do we switch who is picking songs?

Put your hands down at your side and have your friend raise their right arm straight out to their side. The menus should make a noise and change colour. The menus are always the colour of the navigating player (either pink or blue).

Once you've chosen a song, you'll both be able to pick your own skill level and dancer.

Why can’t I make a playlist?

To create a playlist, you must be signed in to a gamer profile so that the playlist can be saved.

How do I delete a song from a playlist?

Here’s how:

  1. In the playlist editing screen, raise your left hand up above 90 degrees. This gesture highlights the "Remove Song" ribbon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  2. Swipe across your body to remove the last song in the playlist.

How can I get stats on my fitness session?

Fitness mode gives you milestone-based feedback such as how many calories you’ve burned this session or the total across all sessions. If you finish your workout and want to see your stats, return to Fitness Mode to see your stats for your most recent workout.

Why does Dance Central ask if there’s a new player when I leave the play space and come back again?

Sometimes Kinect doesn’t recognise you if your clothing or the room lighting has changed. To make sure Kinect recognises you throughout this gaming session, raise both hands (as suggested on screen).

If you don’t see your gamertag listed, it means that there isn’t any Kinect ID information just yet. Choose Select another profile and then select your profile. Kinect should now recognise you in future.

Can I play Dance Central 1 songs in Dance Central 2?

My dance moves aren’t being tracked correctly. What should I do?

If Dance Central 2 doesn’t seem to be tracking your movements correctly, see Troubleshoot body tracking.

Voice commands aren’t working. What should I do?

If voice commands aren’t working as expected, please see Dance Central 2 voice commands.

I’m having a problem with my disc. What should I do?

Does your disc appear to be unreadable? Please see Disc Drive Solution.

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