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In-game transactions in Warface


Warface for Xbox 360 has three in-game currencies:

  • Warface Dollars ($) are earned by playing Co-op or Versus games. All game-relevant items can be bought for Warface Dollars.
  • Kredit (K) is the premium currency for Warface. You can buy Kredit from the Xbox Store through the in-game store. Kredit allows you to buy standard equipment as well as three types of Kredit-exclusive items:
    • Booster: This increases the speed at which you gain levels, unlock new items and gain Warface Dollars.
    • Resurrection coins: These allow you to instantly Respawn to help your team (Co-op missions only).
    • Random Boxes: Each one of these contains three nice surprises.
  • Warface Crowns are a reward for performing well in Co-Op missions. This currency is used to acquire the most elite equipment in the game.

Note Xbox Support can help you with problems buying Kredit from the Xbox Store. For problems spending or managing Kredit in Warface, contact the game’s developer, Crytek.

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Do I need to buy Kredit to get the full Warface experience?

No, you don’t. Players can have a great experience in Warface by earning Warface Dollars and Warface Crowns alone.

What if I’m having problems buying Warface Kredit through the Xbox Store?

Check your account details to make sure that you have a valid credit card or other payment option associated with your account. You can learn more at Manage Payment Options.

How do I check my billing history and review my Xbox Store transactions?

How do I get help with items or currency inside Warface?

For help with in-game currency or purchased items, please contact the game’s developer, Crytek.

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