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Learn what to do if you can’t sign in to your Xbox 360 console with your Kinect sensor.
Follow this step-by-step guide to set up a Kinect sensor on your Xbox 360. You’ll also learn how to set up a play area so you can start playing quickly and easily.
If the light on your Kinect sensor for Xbox 360 is red and you get a "The Kinect Sensor couldn't start" error, here's what to do.
Find answers to frequently asked questions about accessibility and the Kinect Sensor.
If you get an error message but there's no light on your Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor, it's likely you have a connection problem. Read troubleshooting steps.
With the Kinect sensor, you can set up your Xbox 360 console to recognize your face and automatically sign you in to your profile using Kinect ID.
Learn how to use gestures to interact with Kinect.
Follow these Kinect health and safety guidelines to set up your Kinect sensor for optimal fun and safety. Learn about glare, electrical safety, and more.
Find out where to get Xbox 360 Kinect accessories and replacement parts.
Follow these steps if the light on your Xbox 360 Kinect sensor is red and you receive a "The Kinect Sensor can't move" or "The Kinect Sensor can't move enough" error.
If you're having a problem with the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor and all you have to go on is the light on the front, have a look at this page and follow the steps to a solution.

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