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How to start a party in the Xbox App

Parties allow you to gather a group of friends and chat through the Xbox App in Windows 10. You can do this with up to eight friends.

Note To start or join a party, you (and your participating friends) must have a current Xbox Live Gold subscription and be signed in with the gamertag associated with that subscription.

Start a party with your friends

There are several ways to start a party.

  • Invite people from your Friends list
    1. From your Friends list, highlight the friends you want to party with.
    2. Right-click and select Invite to Party.

    Now you can see your party in the party tab.

  • Join a party that your friends are already in
    1. From your Friends list, select the friend you want to party with.
    2. On that friend's gamercard, select Join party.
  • Start your own party and invite multiple friends
    1. From the Home screen go to the Party tab (upper-right corner).
    2. Click Start a Party.
    3. Click the add (+) button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Select the Friends you want to party with (up to eight Friends).
    5. Click Party to send the invites.
    6. Click OK on the Invites Sent pop-up box.

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