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Add and update the security info for your Microsoft account

Why add proofs to your security info?

Security proofs are a means of verifying your account ownership. We can help you resolve issues with your account more quickly if we have a contact phone number and an email address to which we can send a code to verify that you are the actual owner of the account.

  • These proofs are used to control access to your account or activities on, your Xbox 360 console, Xbox Live, Windows, and other places where your Microsoft account is used.
  • This keeps your account safer and helps you reset your password.
  • If you ever forget your password or someone tries to access your account, we need a way to reach you to reestablish appropriate control of your account – so it's a good idea to keep this info up to date. We will only use this information to protect your account.

Add and manage proofs

Once your proofs are set up, you’ll need to use one of your proofs to confirm any account changes and to access certain parts of your account. So it’s important to make sure the phone numbers and email addresses you enter are correct.

How to add proofs

  • Go to Manage your security info and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Select Add New under Phone number or under Alternative email address.
  • Follow the instructions to set up and confirm the new proof.
  • If you already have a proof on your account, you might need to use that proof to verify the addition of a new proof.

    Note Proofs can be added to new accounts without validation for a short period. Existing accounts will need to have their proofs validated by using an existing proof.

Proof requirements

Xbox Live will require that you have two proofs on your account, and at least one must be a phone number or email address. We recommend one phone and one email proof to provide the best security options for your account. (Xbox Live is not available in all markets.)

Why are so many proofs required?

Often people change or stop using a particular phone number or email address. By having two proofs, you are more likely to have access to at least one of these accounts and thereby reduce the chances of being locked out of your account for even a short time period.

Phone and email

When you access your account, we want to make sure it’s you who is making any changes. We’ll send a one-time code to the phone number or email address you’ve provided. When you send that code back, we’ll know it’s really you.

  • No spam or marketing. Use your real phone number and email. We’ll only call, text or email to check that you are you, so the info you provide needs to be valid. If you give us the wrong info, we won’t be able to validate your identity, and you might lose access to some Xbox Live functionality until you can validate your security information.
  • Easier password reset. If you forget your password or lose control of your account, your phone number or alternative email address will help you reset your password.

Trusted PC

You can also select Make this computer a trusted PC to link your Microsoft account with one or more personal (not public) computers. Then, if you ever need to reset your password, just use one of the linked computers, and we’ll know that you’re really you.

How to remove or delete an existing proof

  • Go to Manage your security info, and sign in with your Microsoft account.
  • Next to the proof you want to remove, click Delete.

    Note If you have only one proof on your Microsoft account and you want to remove it, you may have to use that proof to validate its own removal. (For example, to remove an email address that is the only proof on your account, you may need to respond to an email message sent to that same address.)

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