Xbox Live Status


  • Purchase and Content UsageLimited

    Affected platforms:

    • Xbox One

      xbox one outage;Purchase and Content Usage,
    • Xbox 360

      xbox 360 outage;Purchase and Content Usage,

    Affected services:

    • Buying downloadable items

    • Downloading items that you have already purchased

    28/01/2015 01:45:49 :

    If you are attempting to play Exo Zombies in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and you receive the message "A downloadable content package was removed or all profiles are signed out", you’ll need to allow the free DLC “Compatibility Pack 1” to be downloaded and installed.  To do this, log in to Xbox Live, start the game, and you should see the message “New required content has been added to your Active Downloads.  This content is free and required to play online.”  Allow the content to download and install.  You can check its download status by going to Active Downloads: Xbox button, Games & Apps, Active Downloads.

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