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Live TV

Learn how to set up, use and troubleshoot the Xbox One Media Remote.
Learn about the Xbox One Wireless Controller.
Learn how to set up the Xbox OneGuide with your Xbox One so that you can watch live TV while using the apps and voice commands on your console.
Learn how to connect your Xbox One to your home cinema system.
Learn how to troubleshoot poor video performance or a black screen when watching live TV with your Xbox One.
Learn how to use IR extension cables with your Xbox One console.
Learn how to use OneGuide to combine live TV with the apps and features of your Xbox One.
Learn what to do when you're unable to get OneGuide on your Xbox One to control your TV, AV receiver or set-top box.
Learn why your audio quality is poor or you're not getting sound from the set-top box attached to your Xbox One console.
Learn how to use the Xbox OneGuide with your DVR.
Learn how to enable digital surround sound for TV on your Xbox One console.

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