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Windows Phone 7: Trending topics

Find solutions to the errors that cause your device to not be recognized by the Zune software
Learn what to do if you can’t update or install the Zune software on your PC, or you can’t update the Zune player software.
Learn how to download, install, reinstall, or remove the Zune Music + Video.
How to install, update, remove and use the Zune software.
Learn what to do when you have trouble signing in to your Zune account.
Learn how to sync your Zune player with your Zune Music + Video software.
Find solutions to the sync errors that appear on your Zune or Windows Phone 7
Learn how to use your Xbox Live account on your Windows Phone 7 to play turn-based games, track your achievements, and connect with your Xbox Live friends.
Learn how to create, play, and sync Zune playlists on the Zune software and on your devices.
Learn about error message, “The file cannot be purchased or downloaded. The file might not be available from Zune Marketplace” when downloading content from the marketplace.
Learn how to play, add, and delete your Zune collections when using the Zune Video + Music software.

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