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Xbox on Windows Phone 8.1 release details

Updates for Xbox Music and Xbox Video are periodically available from the Windows Phone store. See below for information about the most recent version of the Xbox Music and Xbox Video apps.


Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8.1

Install the Xbox Music app for Windows Phone 8.1

Music app version (released August 27, 2014) features and details:

  • You can now see incredible artist art and visualizations when playing music on your live tile with Windows Phone 8.1 Update (8.10.14141.167 or higher).
  • Album art should show up much more reliably in all areas of the app, for files with embedded album art via ID3 tags V2.3 and below, and all store content.
  • We also fixed several significant bugs, with a focus on:
    • Performance/page loads.
    • Preventing any unexpected app exits.
    • Reducing our memory footprint, resulting in less app suspensions and terminations during multitasking.
    • Addressing playlist duplication issues.
    • Cleaning up Recent Plays interactions.

Music app version (released August 8, 2014) features and details:

  • It’s easier than ever to start playback of your favorite tunes via our new Recent Plays feature.
  • With Windows Phone 8.1 Update, you can let your kids play music worry-free, now that we’ve added support for music in Kid’s Corner.
  • It’s noticeably faster to launch and navigate around the app, particularly the songs, artists, and albums pages.
  • We’ve also fixed several significant bugs, with a focus on:
    • Album art and metadata reliability (more to come here).
    • Unexpected app exits and some black screens.
    • Playlists now shuffle from everywhere (not just first 100).

Music app version (released July 18, 2014) features and details:

  • It’s faster to load your collection, particularly the collection lists and artist details.
  • Scrolling in your collection album and artist lists is smoother.
  • While your phone is charging, the app will opportunistically sync with your cloud collection.
  • Better messaging as your collection builds and syncs with the cloud.
  • We also fixed a number of bugs! A few notable issues we addressed:
    • Album art not appearing (or appears incorrectly using the Xbox Music catalog version) when present in local MP3s.
    • Scrolling through a playlist is jerky and seems to scroll infinitely.
    • Shuffling your collection having too few songs and includes duplicates.
    • “New music” items showing either twice or not at all.

Music app version (released July 2, 2014) features and details:

  • Improvements to how the app behaves under poor connectivity conditions.
  • Improved download error handling so that messages are less frequent and clearer.
  • When your phone is charging, the app will update your collection from the flash or SD card in the background.
  • Addressed 70 functional bugs. A few notable issues we fixed:
    • Unexpected playlist/playlist item duplications appearing.
    • Downloads not resuming after a network connection was lost and regained.
    • Purchased songs appearing twice in the collection.
    • Showing “looking for music” when nothing had changed.

Music app version 2.5.3991.0 (released June 18, 2014) features and details:

  • It’s now a bit faster to resume and browse the app.
  • If we can’t play a song, we now offer a more useful error message.
  • We handle connectivity states better.
  • Bug fixed where album art doesn’t show up for playlist songs that are not in your collection.
  • Stability improvements when scrolling lists and launching the app from Cortana.
  • Content begins syncing in the background following app updates.

Music app version 2.5.3965.0 (released June 10, 2014) features and details:

  • Songs list scrolls faster.
  • You can now add more than 100 songs to your playback queue! This means that "shuffle all" will add more variety to your listening experience.
  • App and pinned tiles support custom backgrounds and theme colors.
  • Artist art backgrounds now load more smoothly.
  • Songs already in your collection can now be purchased.

Music app version 2.5.3929.0 (released May 23, 2014) features and details:

  • Swipe the album art on the Now Playing screen to change tracks.
  • UI layout changes to make more room for content.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Music app version 2.5.3884.0 (released May 9, 2014) features and details:

  • Audio scrubbing is now supported! Slide the track progress indicator in the Now Playing screen to advance to the spot you like.
  • Smoother FFW and REW animations.
  • UI fixes to improve visibility of content.
  • Bug fixed where songs are incorrectly removed from playlists.
  • Fixes for unexpected app exits.

Music app version 2.5.2842.0 (released April 25, 2014) features and details:

  • Numerous stability fixes, including many of the reported black screens.
  • Full Cortana integration including playing playlists by name.
  • UI polish to improve animations and transitions between UI views.
  • Improved messaging for encountered errors, such as unplayable content in collections.

Music app version 2.5.1330.0 (released April 14, 2014) features and details:

  • Initial release of Xbox Music for Windows Phone 8.1.

Xbox Video for Windows Phone 8.1

Install the Xbox Video app for Windows Phone 8.1

Video app version (released August 18, 2014) key updates:

  • Faster app startup, and faster playback for streaming, downloaded, and personal video.
  • More informative error messages for geofencing and download limit issues.
  • Improved search results.

Video app version (released July 31, 2014) key updates:

  • The full screen button has been fixed and is once again available during playback.
  • We fixed several issues around resuming content:
    • Choppiness after resuming playback.
    • In some cases, resumed playback would start a few seconds after the point you left off.
    • Resume location was lost when turning on and off closed captions.
  • Additional fixes include:
    • Some personal video could not be deleted.
    • In some cases, restoring purchase history did not restore all items.
    • Certain season passes had issues acquiring a download license.

Video app version (released July 18, 2014) key updates:

  • Quicker loading for personal video, movie, and TV show collections.
  • Expired rental downloads are now automatically cleaned up to free up disk space.
  • Additional bug fixes.

Video app version (released July 2, 2014) key updates:

  • In some cases rental expiration notifications showed an incorrect countdown.
  • Some customers saw the error “This content is currently unavailable for streaming. Please download to your device to view” when playing back owned movies or TV episodes.

Video app version 2.5.3989.0 (released June 18, 2014) key updates:

  • Some customers saw a perpetual “Loading…” message instead of their collection.
  • In some instances TV and movie detail pages did not load.

Video app version 2.5.3962.0 (released June 6, 2014) key updates:

  • The Xbox Video tile on the home screen now supports custom backgrounds and theme colors, without the need of a third-party app.
  • We used the telemetry info from the last release to track down and fix a stability issue that over the last 30 days was causing 75% of our reported unexpected application exits.
  • Some downloaded content was not available to play when the phone was offline (i.e. the phone did not have an Internet connection or was in airplane mode).
  • Certain behind-the-scenes timing issues could create an edge case where a piece of licensed content could not be downloaded.
  • Some downloaded content could not be played after switching to streaming via the UI.
  • An unexpected application exit after purchasing a TV season with a large number of shows.
  • Choppiness/frame rate stutter after resuming playback.
  • Links to TV seasons listed in Featured Sets were pointing to the details pages for the wrong season in that TV series.
  • An intermittent issue where movie and TV collections sometimes appeared empty when the phone was offline.
  • In some cases, purchased movie and TV content was not showing in a user’s collection.
  • Multiple localization issues.

Video app version 2.5.3929.0 (released May 23, 2014) key updates:

  • Fixed an issue that many users mentioned in store reviews where the app would stop immediately after it was launched after an upgrade from Windows Phone 8.0. This issue has been difficult for us to reproduce, so we added additional hooks to help us understand why this problem occurs.
  • Better error notifications when a rental has expired.
  • Fixed a problem with playing downloaded movies while offline.
  • Fixed several localization issues.
  • Fixed a problem where Xbox Video’s collections showed blank content after an upgrade or relaunch.

Video app version 2.5.3886.0 (released May 13, 2014) key updates:

  • Minor fixes and improvements.

Video app version 2.5.1388.0 (released April 14, 2014) key updates:

  • Initial release of Xbox Video for Windows Phone 8.1.

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