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Xbox Live: Features

Cancel Xbox Live auto payment
Stop your Xbox Live auto payment.
Xbox Live Rewards
Join Xbox Live Rewards to earn rewards for things you already do, such as purchasing from Xbox Live stores, taking a survey, or watching Netflix.
Wear or use an avatar item that you have purchased
Find out how to wear or use an item you have purchased and what to do if you can’t see or use an avatar item.
The My Pins feature of the Xbox 360 Dashboard
Learn how to pin your favorite games, apps and content to the My Pins list on the Xbox 360 Dashboard.
Error: "Message Can Not Be Sent"
Find out why you get the error "Message Can Not Be Sent" when you try to send a message from an app.
Use Bing search to find content on Xbox Live and Xbox 360
Find all the great movies, apps, music, and other content that’s available to you on Xbox 360 by using Bing search. Learn how you can use your controller, a chatpad, or even Kinect voice commands to search with Bing.
Set Xbox Live Beacons on your Xbox 360
Use Xbox Live Beacons on your Xbox 360 console to tell your friends what game you’re playing, or which games you want to play on Xbox Live.

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