Privacy and online safety

Find out how you can set up content restrictions for guest accounts on your Xbox One console.
Learn what happens when your child tries to watch hidden content on the Xbox One console.
Learn about the family safety features of Xbox One and how to use them to control how your family interacts with the console.
Learn about all that you can do to manage the security for your Xbox Live account, such as strengthening your Microsoft account information, resetting your password, or removing and adding security proofs.
Find out what you have to do when you can’t change your privacy settings.
Learn about the default privacy and online safety settings on Xbox One.
Find out about content restrictions behavior when both an adult and a child are signed in to an Xbox One console.
Learn how to set the child safety settings using Xbox One parental controls. Restrict content, web filtering, purchases, and more.
Find out what you have to do when you cannot change your child’s privacy and online safety settings.
Learn what to do if you want to apply the same settings on your Xbox One console to your Xbox 360 console.
Learn more about what happens if a child attempts to use content above his or her maturity level on an Xbox One console.
Compare the safety online functionality of Xbox One and Xbox 360.
Learn how to prevent unauthorized charges on your Xbox One console by creating separate Microsoft accounts for each person who uses your console.
Learn why a child can’t make changes to his or her privacy and online safety settings on

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