Cancel your Xbox Live Gold (paid) membership


Cancel automatic payment

To cancel your membership at the end of the current term, turn off auto renewal by following these steps. With automatic renewal turned off, your membership will expire at the end of its term.

  1. Sign in to the Xbox Live website by using your Microsoft account.
    Note Make sure that you sign in using the Microsoft account associated with the Xbox Live account that you want to manage. If you don’t know the Microsoft account email or password, see Find your Microsoft account.
  2. Once you’ve signed in, click My Account.
  3. Click Subscriptions.
    1. If you’re not on a trusted device, you’ll be prompted to choose an existing proof, either your email or a phone number, so we can send you a security code. The code is sent to either your email address or mobile phone.
    2. After you receive the security code, click Next.
    3. Enter the code that you received, and then click Submit.
  4. Locate the subscription for which you want to change your auto renewing payment status.
  5. Click Cancel automatic payment.
  6. Click Continue.

Note If you have the Xbox 360 Entertainment For All Plan (formerly 2 Year Xbox Live Gold Contract) and it is before the end of the two years, you are effectively canceling the membership and will be charged an Early Termination Fee and any applicable taxes. At the end of your two-year agreement, your account will not be renewed automatically. Auto renewal is not activated to renew your membership when the contract ends. If you accidentally canceled your Xbox 360 Entertainment For All Plan, contact Xbox Support for help reactivating your membership.

End your membership immediately

To cancel your membership immediately, contact Xbox Support. If you cancel immediately, you lose access to the service for the remainder of your paid subscription period.

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