Set up and use SmartGlass on the Xbox 360


SmartGlass enables your console and connected devices to interact in many ways. Lots of SmartGlass mobile apps are available even when your console is not.

Note To control your Xbox 360 with SmartGlass, or to perform SmartGlass-related activities on the console, the console has to be turned on and connected to the SmartGlass device.

SmartGlass device requirements

To use SmartGlass on the console or on another device, you need the following:

  • An Xbox Live profile
  • The most recent software update for your Xbox 360
  • SmartGlass software that’s running on a SmartGlass-compatible device, such as:
    • SmartGlass for Windows 8
    • Xbox Companion for Windows Phone
    • SmartGlass for iOS
    • SmartGlass for Android
SmartGlass connection requirements

SmartGlass relies on a connection between your Xbox 360 and a connected device. Both your console and the connected device must be turned on and signed in to Xbox Live. You can connect over:

  • A local or home network
  • The Internet
  • A 3G or 4G cellular data network

The faster and more reliable your connection, the better performance SmartGlass will deliver. For best results we recommend using your local network.

Set up SmartGlass on your Xbox 360

Here’s how to get SmartGlass up and running on your console:

  1. From Xbox Home, select Settings, and then System.
  2. Select Console Settings.
  1. Select Connected Devices.
  1. Under Xbox SmartGlass Apps, select On.

Set up your SmartGlass device to connect to your console

When you connect SmartGlass to your Xbox 360 console, make sure your SmartGlass app is signed in with the Microsoft Account that’s associated with your Xbox Live gamertag. If you don’t know the Microsoft Account that is associated with your Xbox Live account, see Manage your Microsoft account.

For more information about managing connected devices, see:

Install SmartGlass on devices running Windows

Install SmartGlass on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

Install SmartGlass on an Android phone

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