Set up the Pizza Hut app


To install and use the Pizza Hut app on your console, you need the following:

  • An Xbox Live Gold Membership
  • At least 75 megabytes (MB) of available storage space
  • An account at

Install the Pizza Hut app

  1. On your console, sign in with your Xbox Live gamertag. (Xbox Live Gold Membership is required.)
  2. Go to Apps and select Browse Apps.
  3. Browse for Pizza Hut.
  4. Select Pizza Hut to download and install the app. After the download is complete, the app automatically starts, and you can begin your order.

To reach Pizza Hut later, go to Apps, My Apps, and then Pizza Hut.

Order from Pizza Hut using the Pizza Hut app

Go to Apps, My apps, and then Pizza Hut.

  1. From the Welcome screen, you can decide what type of order you want to place:
    • Delivery Pay Now with Card (requires sign-in to your Pizza Hut account)
    • Delivery Pay Later with Cash
    • Carry out Pay at Pizza Hut
  2. Highlight the option you want, then press the A button.

Sign in to use the “Delivery Pay Now with Card” option

To use the “Delivery Pay Now with Card” option, you need to sign in to your Pizza Hut account on your console. Here’s how:

  1. Highlight Delivery Pay Now with Card and press the A button.
  2. Enter the Pizza Hut account user name and password that you created at
  3. Select Sign In. Your address, phone number, birthday, and credit card number information will be accessed from your Pizza Hut account.

Note If you don’t have a Pizza Hut account, you can create an account on the console that will store your address, phone number, and birthday.

After you create an account on the console, you can sign in to this account at the Pizza Hut website to enter your credit card number, but until you update your account on the Pizza Hut website with your credit card information, your only option will be to pay cash upon delivery.

After your account is updated at the Pizza Hut website, you’ll be able to order and pay on your console using the credit card information you added to your account at

Pizza Hut is responsible for all issues relating to service and products purchased in the Pizza Hut app. To contact Pizza Hut for help or to submit comments about products, services, or transactions, go to the Pizza Hut contact page.

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