Xfinity on Demand isn’t working on your Xbox 360 console

Xfinity app error codes

If you see a "video playback" error message while running the Xfinity app on your Xbox 360 console, something is preventing the delivery of video from the Xfinity TV Service to your console.

The following are the various error codes that can accompany an Xfinity video playback error message.

Error message: “Video playback error – We are unable to play video at this time. Please try again in a few minutes. If you continue to have issues please contact 1-877-599-1846.”

  • Error code 404
  • Error code 4001
  • Error code 6000: “Media Element failed to play the DRM-protected content.”
  • Error code 6001: “The individualization component software failed to download.”
  • Error code 6002: “The license acquisition failed.”
  • Error code 6003: “The individualization component software failed to install.”
  • Error code 6004: “The Silverlight client certificates are out of date and need to be updated.”
  • Error code 6005: “The processing of the file header failed.”
  • Error code 6006: “License processing failed on the Silverlight client.”
  • Error code 6007: “DRM license authorization denied.”
  • Error code 6008: “The user disabled DRM in the Silverlight configuration settings of the client.”
  • Error code 6009: “The maximum for individualization attempts was exceeded.”
  • Error code 6010: “A DRM protocol error occurred.”
  • Error code 6011: “A DRM license acquisition override is required.”
  • Error code 6012: “A DRM license acquisition redirect error occurred.”
  • Error code 6013: “The DRM hardware configuration changed, which caused an error.”
  • Error code 6017: “The user tried to acquire a license by using a stream.”
  • Error code 6018: “DRM content decryption cypher failure. Content is encrypted with one key while the DRM license represents another.”
  • Error code 6021: “The DRM system does not support the client OS.”
  • Error code 6023: “IBX service is not reachable.”
  • Error code 6030: “The license contains an unsupported license protection.”
  • Error code 6031: “The integrity of the secured video output connection has been compromised or lost.”
  • Error code 6032: “The secured graphics connection requires renegotiation but could not be renegotiated.”
  • Error code 6033: “A revoked High-Bandwidth Digital Connection Protection (HDCP) device is attached to the video output.”
  • Error code 6034: “The graphics adaptor or the driver has been tampered with.”
  • Error code 6035: “A new graphics connection was added during playback and playback was halted.”
  • Error code 6036: “Graphics device’s driver certificate is invalid.”


If you receive any of these error messages, wait about three minutes and then install or run the Xfinity app again. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, go to or call the Xfinity Support Line at 1-877-599-1846.

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