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Xbox One locales FAQ

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about Xbox One locales.

Frequently asked questions

Set locale (the language and the country or region)

How do I set the locale on my Xbox One?

During the initial setup of your new Xbox console, you select a locale, which is the pairing of a supported language together with a country or region. You select the language is first, and then the list of countries and regions is provided, based on the language you selected, to make sure you select a supported pairing.

After setup, can I change the locale later?

After setup of your new Xbox One console, the only way to change locale is through Settings on the Home screen. A system restart will be required. For more information, see Xbox One system settings.

Is the Xbox One console locale different than the Xbox stores locale?

No. We've simplified the experience across both the console and the Xbox Live service. Xbox One will always use the locale on the console selected during setup for country/region and language. This information gets passed to the Xbox Live service to show the correct marketplace, offers, recommendations, etc.

For example, if you select fr-FR when you set up your console, this gets passed to Xbox Live, and you will see stores information in French. Your entire experience will be consistently shown in French.

Note Available content and apps may vary by country or region. Some content and apps may not be available or accessible in some countries or regions. If your console is set to a different local than you live in, you may be able to download and install an app from a different market. That app may be geo-fenced and therefor unable to play back content outside of the supported country or region.

I used to see the Xbox stores in two languages. Is that still happening?

No. The Xbox 360 console used the locale you set during your setup, while Xbox stores used your Xbox Live account locale. This sometimes resulted in mixed locales, which was confusing. This is no longer an issue in Xbox One, which will always use the locale set by you on your console.

What happens if I set my Xbox One console locale differently than my Xbox Live account locale?

You will be shown information in the language set on your console. Your Xbox Live account locale is no longer used to show stores information.

Do I need to migrate my account when moving to a different country or region?

No. You can simply change your console locale anytime you want. Account migration is not required in Xbox One.

For example: You move from Germany to France. If you change your console locale to fr-FR, your entire experience will change from German to French, even though your Xbox Live account locale was originally Germany. As long as you have a French billing account and a valid payment instrument, you will be able to purchase content from the French Xbox stores.

Note It is important to keep in mind that if you have local currency stored in your account when you switch console locales, you will lose access to that currency.


How is the voice model selected and enabled in Xbox One?

When you select a supported locale during setup of your new Xbox One console, an appropriate voice model will be enabled (if this is supported in your selected locale).

For example, if you select fr-FR during initial setup, an fr-FR voice model will be enabled. For a list of voice-supported locales, see Use Kinect voice commands with Xbox One.

Sign in

I can only sign in to my console if my Xbox Live account locale is for one of the officially supported countries or regions, correct?

Not correct. You can sign in to your Xbox One console if you have an Xbox Live account from any country or region where Xbox Live account creation is supported.

For example, customers in Egypt or Japan can sign in to their consoles using their Egypt or Japan Xbox Live accounts.

Note It is important to keep in mind that Xbox Customer Support and warranties are only available in Xbox One-supported countries and regions.


How is the locale set in SmartGlass for Xbox One?

SmartGlass uses the locale (country/region and language) that you set on your device.

For example, if you set the locale of your Windows Phone 8 and your iPad to language=FR, country=FR, SmartGlass will be French. When connected to your console, SmartGlass switches to use whatever language your console is set to use.

System update

Does the Xbox One console have to physically be in an officially supported country or region to get system updates?

No. Your Xbox One console can get system updates anywhere in the world, as long as it's connected to the Internet.

Note It is important to keep in mind that Xbox Customer Support and warranties are only available in Xbox One-supported countries and regions.

Purchase and play

What happens if my billing address doesn't match my console's locale?

In that case, you will not be able to purchase content. You must have a valid billing address and payment option that matches your console locale.

For example, if you are in France and set your console locale to fr-FR, you will see Xbox stores information in French. However, if your billing address is in Germany, you will not be able to purchase content because you must have a valid payment option connected to a French billing address.

If I purchase a game in one country/region, can I play it in another country/region?

Yes. There are no playback restriction on games purchased and downloaded.

For example, if you purchased and downloaded Ryse in France and then move to Germany with your console, you can still play the game that you downloaded. However, you would not be able to re-download the game you purchased, as it would not be available for you to download in the German marketplace.

Can I play a game I purchased in one country/region on a friend's Xbox One in another country or region?

No. Because the game was purchased in one country or region, it will not be available for you to download from another country or region's marketplace. The marketplace that your friend's Xbox One console “points to” will not have access to the content, as that content isn't available in the “foreign” marketplace.

For example, if you live in France and purchased/downloaded Ryse to your console and then you visit your friend in Germany and sign in to her Xbox One console with your gamertag, you won't be able to download Ryse to that Xbox console, even though you previously purchased it.

Cash stored value

What happens if I buy a Microsoft Gift card in Germany in Euros and add it to my account, then move to the United Kingdom? Does it convert from Euros to British Pounds?

Balances are not converted from one currency to another. You must spend the value in the currency in which it was purchased in. You will have to buy another Microsoft Gift card when you move to another country or region, because the balance you have in one currency will not work in another marketplace.

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