Adjust the angle of your Kinect sensor

You’ll want your Kinect sensor adjusted to the best angle for capturing all of your usable play space. Once the angle is set, it shouldn’t need adjusting again unless you move the sensor or adjust your play space.

The steps in this article for adjusting the angle of your sensor are part of the initial Kinect setup procedure. If you prefer, you can re-run the full Kinect setup procedure (which includes additional steps, such as steps to calibrate the microphone). Here’s how:

  1. Press the Menu button on the controller and select Settings.
  2. Select Kinect.
  3. Under Troubleshooting, select I moved my Kinect sensor or I’m having trouble with Kinect.


  • Unlike Kinect for Xbox 360, which can be adjusted automatically, the Xbox One Kinect sensor can only be adjusted manually.
  • To make sure you place your sensor in the best location, see How to position your Kinect Sensor.

Step 1: Handling the sensor to make adjustments

Note Don’t touch the face of the sensor.

  1. With one hand, hold down the base of the sensor.
  2. With your other hand, grab either side or the back of the sensor.
  3. Tilt the sensor up and down.

Step 2: Adjusting the angle

You should see a preview window of your play space similar to the image below. Using the handling instructions above, tilt the sensor so that your floor is visible. After your play space is clear of objects and visible in the preview window, select It’s all clear.


The next screen shows how Kinect interprets the location of your floor. If the green-highlighted area matches your floor’s location, select That’s the floor and continue to the next step.

If it doesn’t match, adjust the green-highlighted area by selecting either Needs to be higher or Needs to be lower, until the best representation of the height of your floor is highlighted. If you still can’t see the floor, adjust the sensor manually as outlined above until you see your floor.


Step 3: Final adjustments

Now that Kinect knows where your floor is, you’ll need to do one final adjustment to position the sensor at the ideal angle for play.

  1. Using the adjustment method outlined above, adjust the sensor angle until the white ball matches the green circle.

    Note This step may start off with Kinect already at the ideal angle.

  2. When the green circle turns into a green ball, you’ve finished adjusting the sensor, and you can select It’s all set.

Note If at any time you want to go back, simply press the B button.


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