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Real name sharing on Xbox One

With the Share my real name feature, you can let people on your friends list know your real name and let them share your real name with their friends, making it easier to discover people you already know who are on Xbox Live.

Turn on real name sharing

Turn on real name sharing to select which friends you want to see your real name:

  1. Select your profile tile on the Home screen.
  2. Select My profile.
  3. Select Name sharing settings.
  4. Follow the steps provided.

Note You can also use this option in your profile to see how many friends you are sharing your name with and to adjust the name sharing feature.

Disable real name sharing

You can turn off name sharing at any time from Settings:

  1. Go to the Home screen.
  2. Press the Menu button on your controller.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Privacy & online safety.
  5. Select Custom.
  6. Scroll right to the desired setting:
    • Share my real name
    • Share my real name with friends of friends

How “Share my real name with friends of friends” sharing works

The setting Share my real name with friends of friends lets you find friends that you may not have realized were on Xbox Live. It also lets friends discover you through a mutual friend.

Shared real names are discoverable by browsing the friends lists of your friends. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. To return to the Home screen, press the Xbox button or say “Xbox, go home.
  2. Open the Friends app.
  3. Select your friend’s gamertag. The friend’s gamercard will open.
  4. Scroll to the right to view the friends list on the gamercard.
  5. Click the ellipses (…) to view the full list of your friend’s friends.

Frequently asked questions

Q: If I don’t share my real name with someone on my friends list but my friend does, can that person see my real name through friends of friends?

A: No, your real name will remain hidden from that person regardless of whether your friend is sharing real names with that person. Your preference is honored first.

Q: How do I tell if someone can see my real name?

A: From the Home screen, open the Friends app and select that person’s gamertag. On the person’s gamercard that appears, check whether there’s a button for “Can they see my name?” under Report or block. This will show if that person can see your real name and via which friend your name is being shared.

Q: Can I block someone from seeing my real name if they aren’t on my friends list?

A: Yes, to block that specific person from seeing your real name, add that person to your block list by selecting block under Report or block on that person’s gamercard. See How to block a player from communicating with you.

Q: Can other people see the real name of my child?

A: No. Real name sharing is not available for young children. And teens are able to share real names but only if an adult in the family enables this setting for the child.

Q: How do I edit the name that’s shown?

A: You have that option in your Name sharing settings, which are found under My profile. You can also edit your name sharing settings at

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