Get your Xbox One products repaired


Getting your Xbox One console or Kinect sensor repaired is easy. Send us your non-working Xbox One product and we'll repair it. If it’s still under warranty, we’ll repair it for free.

Step 1: Register your Xbox One product


If you haven’t already registered your Xbox One product, here’s how. You'll need:

  • A Microsoft account. Your Microsoft account is the email address and password that you use to sign in to various Microsoft services such as Xbox Live. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can get one for free.
  • The Xbox One console or Kinect sensor serial number. How do I find this?

Problems with registering your console? Click here.

Step 2: Check your Xbox One product’s warranty

After the console has been registered, go to the Xbox Online Service Center and click Check warranty.

Based on the warranty of your Xbox One console or Kinect sensor, the repair cost will be:

  • In warranty: Free of charge.
  • Out of warranty and submitted online: $115 plus tax for a console, $69 for a Kinect sensor.
  • Out of warranty and submitted by a support agent: $135 plus tax for a console, $89 for a Kinect sensor.

If you experience problems registering your console, see Xbox One repair: Frequently asked questions.

Step 3: Submit your repair request


To submit an online repair request, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Xbox Online Service Center.
  2. Select Manage Devices.
  3. Select the product from the list of registered products. Make sure that its serial number matches the one you’re sending in for repair.
  4. Click Request Service and follow the steps on the page.
  5. When creating your repair request, you can select from two options:
    • If you choose standard repair, Microsoft will provide a shipping label for you to send your non-working product to the service center, where it will be repaired and then shipped back to you.
    • If you choose advance exchange, Microsoft will send you a replacement product first. Once you receive the replacement product, you send back the non-working item. (A credit card will be required to process this order, even if the product is under warranty.)
  6. After your request has been successfully submitted, a service request number will be generated. At your Microsoft account email address, you'll receive an email containing the service request number and instructions about how to send us your product (see also below).

Step 4: Send us the product

picture picture
  • Remove all accessories and put only the Xbox One or Kinect sensor in a shipping box.
  • If you're sending a console, make sure there’s no disc inside. If a disc is stuck inside your console, see Manually eject a disc from your Xbox One console.
  • Attach the provided shipping label to the box and send it to our service center.
  • You can check the repair status by going to the Online Service Center.

Questions about your repair? Click here.

Step 5: We service your product


Once our service center receives your product, it will be serviced and returned to you in approximately 12 to 18 days.

When your product arrives, set it up and get back in the game! If you need help setting up your product again, see Getting Started with Xbox One.

Questions about your console after the service is completed? See Xbox One repair: Frequently asked questions.

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