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Error 0x803F8001 occurs when you launch an Xbox One game

You’ll see the following message when you launch a game or app and we need to check usage rights:

Do you own this game or app?
If you have a game disc, insert it now. Otherwise, make sure you're signed in to Xbox Live. If you don't have rights for playing it, you'll need to buy it at Microsoft Store.

Any of several things might keep us from checking rights.

Solution 1

If you’re playing a disc-based game, insert the game disc into the Xbox console. If the disc is already inserted, see Troubleshoot problems playing a disc on Xbox One.

Solution 2

If you bought or installed the game or app from the Microsoft Store on Xbox One (formerly the Xbox Store), make sure you’re signed in to Xbox Live.

Solution 3

If the game or app was installed digitally (without a disc) by someone else, have that person sign in to Xbox Live.


If the game owner chooses a specific Xbox as their home Xbox (in Settings > Personalization > My home Xbox), anyone who uses that Xbox may use installed games and apps, even when the person who installed them isn’t signed in.

For more info, see How to designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox.

Solution 4

A temporary outage on Xbox Live can trigger this message. If you see online Xbox Live status alerts, wait until service is restored, then try again.

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Solution 5

If there’s a possibility the game or app has been running in the background for a long time, quit and restart it.

To keep this from happening again, quit the game before you switch activities on your Xbox One console.

Solution 6

If your Xbox is unresponsive, restart it.

Solution 7

If someone else originally bought and installed the game and you want your own copy, buy it digitally in the Microsoft Store on Xbox One. You won't need to reinstall the game before you can play.

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