Rare Replay on Xbox One FAQ

Rare Replay is the first game on Xbox One to feature standalone Xbox 360 titles. In order to play these Xbox 360 titles on your Xbox One console, you have to purchase Rare Replay for Xbox One first. Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

What happens when I install Rare Replay?

If you’re installing from disc or from the Microsoft Store, you’ll see that there are 10 items that come with Rare Replay. For more details about the bundle, visit Install Rare Replay on Xbox One.

How much hard drive space does Rare Replay require?

The Rare Replay package itself is just under 12GB, but the Xbox 360 titles are larger and add up to 38GB, for a total of around 50GB when you install all 30 games. Any of the individual Xbox 360 games can be cancelled during installation or uninstalled at a later date to free up space, and you can reinstall them from My games & apps.

Will I be able to play Rare Replay offline?

You'll need to connect to Xbox Live during the installation process to download a mandatory patch, and to download or create an Xbox 360 profile for use with the Xbox 360 titles. This will make all titles within the collection fully playable. After this step, you can play the games offline, though this means you won’t have access to cloud save data, leaderboards, and online multiplayer modes. The Xbox 360 titles also require an online connection to convert any gamerscore earned to milestone progress within Rare Replay.

How do achievements work with the Xbox 360 titles?

The nine Xbox 360 titles that come with Rare Replay can be launched from within Rare Replay or played independently. They come with the same achievements and gamerscore that they had upon release. If you previously played these games and earned achievements on an Xbox 360 profile connected to Xbox Live, these achievements will sync the next time you access the Game Stage within Rare Replay and are connected to Xbox Live. Your relevant gamerscore will then count toward milestones in Rare Replay. When you reach milestones, you can unlock exclusive Rare Replay bonus features.

After your initial one-time connection to Xbox Live, you can play these games offline. However, you’ll need to be connected to Xbox Live while playing the Xbox 360 titles. Once you return to Rare Replay, any new achievements earned will be rewarded with Stamps.

Can I still get all of the original achievements?

With the passing of time and progress of technology, certain factors could not be replicated for the Rare Replay versions in a small number of titles. Anything requiring the use of Xbox 360 peripherals (such as the Xbox Live Vision Camera in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise) or servers that are no longer active (blueprint upload in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, crate trading in Viva Piñata, and photo sharing in Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise) can no longer be accessed.

This means that a small number of achievements in certain Xbox 360 titles are now unavailable. However, this does not affect Rare Replay's overall total of 10,000 gamerscore. Some of the unavailable achievements originally carried no gamerscore value, and those that did carry a value were taken into account when calculating Rare Replay's 10,000 total gamerscore.

Gamerscore carried over from the original Xbox 360 games will depend on how far you progressed in each game, and on if you played them previously on an Xbox 360 console connected to Xbox Live. Rare Replay converts this gamerscore into progress towards milestones within each game. This in turn awards you Stamps that unlock exclusive Rare Replay bonus content.

Will my existing Xbox 360 progress carry over to Xbox One?

If you've previously owned or played on an Xbox 360 console, you can download your Xbox 360 profile to your Xbox One console. This will allow you to continue progress with any games that you own on Xbox One, as long as you saved them to the cloud.

The first time you launch Rare Replay, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Xbox 360 profile, which will be stored to your Xbox One console. This profile can be used to play all of your Rare Replay Xbox 360 games on your Xbox One console.

For more information on cloud saves for Xbox 360, visit Xbox 360 cloud game saves FAQ.

Can all 30 games be played online?

Any games that originally came with online play still retain that functionality, while games that came with local-only multiplayer modes remain local-only.

Many of the games that only offer local multiplayer modes do contain Snapshot challenges that feature their own dedicated online leaderboards.

Why do some of the games show as “Update Available”?

If you see games showing as “Update Available” with a closed curtain, it means that your game hasn't been updated to the latest version. Make sure you’re connected to Xbox Live and check the status of the Rare Replay game tile to see if there's an update pending.

If you’re still having problems downloading or updating your game, see Problems downloading and installing a game or an app on Xbox One.

Are these the original games I used to play on my classic gaming devices?

Yes, these are the original games, with some tweaks and improvements made to modernize visuals and controls where appropriate. Still, the games are largely untouched so you can enjoy them the way they were created.

If I already own the Rare Replay Xbox 360 titles, can I play them on my Xbox One?

If you already own the Rare Replay Xbox 360 titles, you'll still need to purchase Rare Replay in order to play them on your Xbox One. You currently can’t insert your Xbox 360 disc into the Xbox One console to play them.

Once backward compatibility is available, you’ll be able to play these games on your Xbox One without needing to purchase Rare Replay.

Does each game come with its own age rating?

Rare Replay has been given an overall rating (which differs on a per-region basis). Titles within the collection are not individually rated. If an Xbox One profile has been restricted from playing games above a certain age rating and Rare Replay exceeds that rating, that profile won't be able to play Rare Replay.

In the Rare Replay collection, all titles are treated as if they had the same rating. However, some games and bonus content will bring up additional warning messages to remind players that the content is only suitable for mature viewers.

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