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Minecraft: Wii U Edition FAQ

This page answers frequently asked questions about Minecraft: Wii U Edition Beta.

Note To purchase the game, go to the Nintendo Minecraft: Wii U Edition web page.

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Why am I seeing square box characters ("□") in my Mii nickname in the game?

During local play, your Mii nickname appears over your player character. But if a non-supported character, such as a Japanese hiragana symbol, is used in the nickname, the name shows "□" (square box characters) in place of any unsupported characters. We understand that you want to see your name displayed correctly, so we are looking to fix this behaviour in future updates.

Why is my eManual not in the same language that I've selected for the game?

We will be adding a broader range of eManuals in future updates. However, you will find a comprehensive guide to how to play the game inside the game itself. From the main menu or from the Pause menu, select Help & Options and then select How To Play, and you'll find a wealth of information, all without leaving the game.

Why can't I see one of my Favourite Mii characters in the game?

This is a known issue for which we'll get an update done as soon as we can. It is probably caused by one of the Favourite Mii characters that you were using in the game being deleted in Mii Maker. Our advice is that if you want to continue progress in Minecraft with any Mii that you have set up, it's best not to delete the Mii character from Mii Maker, as deleting it removes any associated progress.

Why did my friends who were playing with me online get disconnected from my Minecraft game when I went to buy downloadable content (DLC) in the eShop?

This is a known issue that we are aware of and will address as soon as we can through an update. Until then, we advise you to buy any new DLC before you start playing with your friends online in the game.

What version of Minecraft is Minecraft: Wii U Edition?

At release, this edition will be the close equivalent of 1.6.4 in other editions of Minecraft. As with all new releases of Minecraft, from a development standpoint, we need to start from a known version of the game and then update from there. We will keep doing that as long as you keep playing.

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