Troubleshoot issues with the Xbox One Kinect Sensor

This article describes how to troubleshoot issues with your Kinect sensor. For example, you may experience an issue where the Kinect sensor does not see you or does not interpret your body actions correctly. Whether you are trying to play a Kinect game, using gestures to navigate the home screen or signing in using Kinect, make sure that the Kinect camera can see you to ensure a great experience.

Things to know

Here are a few things to consider before you adjust your Kinect or play space:

  • Depending on the experience, Kinect may need to see your whole body. For example, if the game you're trying to play involves kicking a ball, Kinect needs to see your feet.
  • Typically, high-definition cameras need a certain amount of light in order to get the best exposure. Make sure that your play space is well-lit, but avoid direct sunlight on users and the camera.
  • Make sure that Kinect is plugged in and on. The Xbox logo on the Kinect lights up when the sensor is on. If your sensor won't turn on, see Your Xbox One Kinect Sensor won't turn on.
  • Place your Kinect as close to the edge of the surface it is sitting on as you are comfortable with. Make sure no nearby objects obstruct its field of view.
  • If your Kinect sensor is plugged into your console but you see "Kinect is unplugged" on the home screen, see Kinect sensor isn't recognised by your Xbox One console.

Check the Kinect settings

If you are having trouble with Kinect seeing you, check the Kinect settings:

  1. Press the Menu button on your controller, and then select Settings.
  2. Select Kinect.
The 'What Kinect sees' screen

    On this screen, you can see what Kinect sees. If you can't see yourself in this view, go to the "Adjust the Kinect sensor" section, below.

  1. If your Kinect sensor is unplugged or off, the Kinect screen indicates the status.
The 'What Kinect sees' screen, with no picture and the words 'Plug in your Kinect'
  1. Just plug your sensor in if necessary, and then select Kinect on.
The screen with the option to turn Kinect on

Adjust the Kinect sensor

To adjust the Kinect sensor, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on the controller, select Settings, and then select Kinect.
  2. Select I moved my Kinect sensor or I'm having trouble with Kinect.
The screen that shows 'Kinect on', along with troubleshooting options for 'Kinect doesn't hear me' and 'I moved my Kinect sensor or I'm having trouble with Kinect', which is highlighted.
  1. Follow the steps to adjust your Kinect sensor, including the audio calibration.


  • For information about how to adjust the angle of the Kinect sensor, see Adjust the angle of your Kinect sensor.
  • If you have problems while in a game, refer to the tutorial for the game, and then adjust the Kinect sensor while in the game.

If you continue to experience the problem, request a Kinect sensor repair at the Xbox Online Service Centre. Console registration is required to replace the sensor.

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