Xbox 360 accessory compatibility with Xbox One

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My TV has only one HDMI port. Can I connect my Xbox 360 to my TV via my Xbox One console?

Yes. You can plug your Xbox 360 into the Xbox One through the Xbox One HDMI In port.

Note If you link the two consoles together and use the Kinect sensors for both consoles, we recommend that you mute one of the Kinect microphones to avoid voice command interference.

Can I use my Xbox 360 wired/wireless controller, accessories (racing wheel, wireless headset, etc.), or power supply with Xbox One (or vice versa)?

No. Controllers and accessories that work with Xbox 360 won't work with Xbox One (and vice versa). Also, the power supply from the Xbox 360 does not connect to the Xbox One console, and it will not satisfy the new console's power requirements.

Can I plug my removable hard drive from my Xbox 360 into my Xbox One?

No. The Xbox 360 Hard Drive is not compatible with the Xbox One. If you have an Xbox profile on Xbox 360, the profile will automatically download to your Xbox One console during setup.

The Xbox One has a built-in 500 GB hard disk, and you can connect a compatible external storage drive. For information about setting up and managing external storage for your Xbox One console, see How to manage storage on Xbox One.

Can I use the USB drive that I plug into my Xbox 360 for added storage with my Xbox One?

For added storage, you can use an external drive that has a capacity of 256 GB or more and uses USB 3.0.

How is my new Kinect sensor different from the Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor? Can I use the Kinect sensor from my Xbox 360 with my Xbox One?

The new Kinect for Xbox One features a 1080p camera and can accommodate smaller play spaces than its Xbox 360 predecessor. It also features a 1:1 movement ratio with little to no lag.

Use of the Kinect sensor is optional with Xbox One. But some features, like automatic player identification and voice/gesture control, won't work without it.

Note The Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor will not work on Xbox One.

Can I stand my Xbox One on its end like my Xbox 360?

No. The Xbox One console is designed to remain horizontal. Do not position it vertically.

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