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The Xbox One console features updatable software. This software includes the operating system as well as many system, game, and media apps for the Xbox One. During a system update, the software on your console is updated through a download-and-install process. The system software updates may sometimes update the system’s firmware, but this is not common for most updates.

System updates help improve your experience with the addition of new features as well as improvement of existing features. The updates will be downloaded from the Xbox Live service directly to your Xbox One and subsequently installed.

There are two types of system updates you’ll see: available system updates and mandatory system updates.

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Available system updates

Each night, if your console is set to receive automatic updates, it will check to see whether any updates are available. By default, these updates will be downloaded and installed when the console isn’t being used. This reduces the impact updates have on your Xbox One experience, and they won’t block you from connecting to Xbox Live until they become mandatory. To set your console to receive automatic updates:

  1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Select System > Settings > System > Updates & downloads.
  3. Under Updates, select Keep my console up to date.

Available updates will now be downloaded and installed during off-hours when your console is not in use.

Mandatory system updates

You should only see this type of update if you’ve disconnected your console from Xbox Live for some time. Most updates start as available system updates, but if you don’t perform the update while it’s in the available state, you’ll be forced to do so when it switches to mandatory.

During the mandatory state, you’ll receive a notice that there’s a system update available. You’ll have only a few options from this screen:

  • Start update
  • Turn off Xbox
  • Disconnect wireless (This option will only be available if wireless connectivity is in use.)

You‘ll see this screen because mandatory updates require you to download and install the latest update in order to connect to Xbox Live.

If you’re using a wired internet connection and you don’t want to perform the system update, you can select Turn off Xbox. Once the console has shut down, unplug your network cable and turn your console back on to resume your offline experience.

If you’re using a wireless internet connection, you’ll also see the option Disconnect wireless, which will cancel the update. This option does not require a reboot of the console.

Frequently asked questions

What does the update cost?

Nothing. The update is free from Microsoft, but you may incur data charges from your ISP depending on your service agreement.

How can I tell if my console software is up to date?

If your console is connected to Xbox Live, you should have the latest software. If you want to see the current OS version number, or what features were added or updated based on this system update, see Xbox One operating system versions and system updates.

Do I have to install the update?

No. However, if you want to play or communicate on Xbox Live, you must have the latest console software. New and Kinect games might also require the update before you play them.

Can I force my console to update before the update switches to mandatory?

Yes. Once an update has been set as available, you can force your console to start immediately. There are two ways to perform this action, based on whether your console is online or offline.

  • Online consoles: To force an update to a console while the release is in an available state, follow these steps:
    1. Press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
    2. Select System > Settings > System > Updates & downloads.
    3. Select Console update available.
  • Offline consoles: You can update a console without connecting it to the internet by using the Xbox One System Update Solution. This can be useful if your home Internet service has bandwidth constraints and you'd prefer to download the update somewhere else, and then bring it home to install it.

Note If you're updating your system for the first time, you'll still need to connect to the Xbox Live service at least once. While online, you'll be asked to enter your Microsoft account password for each profile on the console to complete sign-in. If you don't remember the password for your account, see the Lost Password Solution.

Can I go back to the old software version if I change my mind?

No. Once your console is updated, it will stay updated.

I can’t connect to Xbox Live. What should I do?

If you can’t connect to Xbox Live, see the Xbox One First-Time Connection Solution.

If you receive any error messages either during the system update process or after the system restarts, see the Xbox One System Update Solution.

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