Use the Movies & TV app with Narrator on Xbox One

Movies & TV works with Narrator, a built-in screen reader that reads text on your screen aloud and describes events, so you can use your PC with partial or no vision.

The app also offers keyboard shortcuts to help you do common actions. For best results, connect a USB keyboard to your Xbox One for use with Narrator. The following info assumes the use of an Xbox One controller and a connected USB keyboard.

Start Narrator

Press and hold the Xbox button  on your controller, then press the Menu button . Press these buttons again to turn Narrator off.

If you’re using a keyboard, press the Windows logo key + Enter together to start and stop Narrator. On many keyboards, the Windows logo key is located on the bottom row of keys, to the left or right of the Alt key.

Open the app

  1. Sign in with your profile on Xbox One.
  2. From the Home screen, go to My games & apps and press Enter.
  3. Press the Down arrow once to get to Apps, then go to the sort menu and press Enter.
  4. Use the Up and Down arrows to focus on Sort A-Z, then press Enter.
  5. Go to the first app in your apps list, then press the Right arrow until you reach Movies & TV. Press Enter to open it.

To close the app, press the Xbox button  to go to the Home screen. If you go home from the app, Movies & TV will be in focus. Press the Menu button  on your controller and select Quit.


Note Using Narrator requires the use of a USB keyboard connected to your Xbox.

The Xbox version of Movies & TV has four main areas:

  • Search
  • Home
  • Movies
  • TV

Personal videos are available in the PC app, but not on Xbox.

To get around the app with your keyboard, press the Right, Left, Down, and Up arrows. With your controller, you can use either the left stick or D-pad, with the A button  to select and the B button  to go back.

When you first start the app, choose a destination: Go to your Movies & TV, or shop for movies and TV shows from the Store. Going to your Movies & TV takes you to the app home; shopping for movies and shows to watch takes you to the Store.

Keyboard shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available for Movies & TV on Xbox One with a connected USB keyboard.

Press this key To do this
Enter Select something that's in focus
Spacebar or Ctrl + P Play or pause (when watching a video)
Windows Key + Backspace Go back

Find a movie or TV show and start playing it

  1. Using your controller, go left and press Tab to focus on the Search box, then press Enter and type the name of the movie or TV show you want.
  2. Press Enter to search. Movies or TV shows you’ve bought or rented will appear. To see results for related movies or shows you can get from the Store, press the Down arrow to the “Search in Store” button and press Enter.
  3. Once you’re focused on the item you want, press Enter to select it.
    • For movies that you own, Play or Resume will be in focus. Press Enter or Spacebar to start playing.
    • For a TV series that you own, focus will be on Play for the first episode in the series, or the first episode you haven’t watched yet. To play a different episode, use your controller to move down to the Episodes list, and then use the Down arrow to focus on the episode you want. To play, press Enter and choose either Play, Resume, or Restart.
    • For a movie or TV show that you want to buy or rent, press Enter to open that title in the Store. Follow the instructions for purchasing or renting. When you complete the transaction, the Buy or Rent button will change to Play or Owned. Make sure that button is in focus and press Enter to return to the Movies & TV app. If necessary, use the Tab key to navigate to the Play button, and then press Enter.

Control video playback

Once your movie or TV show is playing, here’s how to control playback:

  1. To pause or play the video, press Spacebar.
  2. To skip forward 30 seconds, starting at the Play or Pause button, press Tab to get to the Skip forward button, then press Enter.
  3. To skip backward 30 seconds, starting at the Play or Pause button, press Tab + Shift to get to the Skip back button, then press Enter.
  4. To change audio or closed captioning options, starting at the Play or Pause button, press Tab + Shift until you get to Show menu for subtitles and audio, then press Enter. Use the arrow and Enter keys to choose the options you want.

Turn on closed captioning

Subtitles or closed captions are available for most movies and TV shows. Here’s how to turn them on:

  1. After you open a video and start playing it, select Pause or press the Spacebar to pause it.
  2. Press Shift + Tab until you get to the Show menu for subtitles and audio button, press Enter, and then use the Up or Down arrow keys to select a language, and press Enter.
  3. Press Spacebar to resume the video, now with closed captioning.

To change the appearance of closed captions to make them easier to read:

  1. On your controller, press the Xbox button  to open the guide.
  2. Use the Right arrow to focus on the System tab, press Enter, and press Enter again on Settings.
  3. Move down to Ease of Access.
  4. Move right to Closed captioning and press Enter.
  5. Move down to On using custom style and press Spacebar.
  6. Tab to any of the 9 menus, then use a combination of Enter and the Down arrow to choose the options you want.

Alternately, from Ease of Access, use the Right arrow to focus on High contrast and press Enter. Use the menu to make sure high contrast is on.

For support for Narrator or other Microsoft assistive technology, contact Xbox Support.

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