Error E06 occurs on Xbox 360


You see the following error message and code when you use your Xbox 360 console:

System Error: Contact Xbox Customer Support

Error code E06

This means there may be a problem with the console.


Try the following steps:

  • Xbox 360 S console
    1. Disconnect and then and reconnect all accessories.
    2. Remove the hard drive.
    3. Remove any USB flash drives. Here's how:
      1. Turn off your Xbox 360 console.
      2. Unplug any USB flash drives attached to your console.
      3. Turn on the console.

      If this step resolves the problem, reattach the USB flash drive to make sure that the error occurs only when the flash drive is connected. If this is true, use another USB flash drive.

    4. Roll back the current software updates on your console, and then apply new ones. Here's how:
      1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
      2. Go to Settings and select System Settings.
      3. Select Storage.
      4. Highlight (but do not select) Memory Unit.
      5. On your controller, press the following buttons in order:
        1. Left bumper
        2. Right bumper
        3. X button

        Don't know where these buttons are on your controller? See Xbox 360 wired and wireless controllers.

      6. Repeat step d.
      7. When you see the following message, select Yes:
        Delete System Update
        If any storage device contains a system update, the update and access to Xbox Live will be removed. To use these features again, sign in to Xbox Live and download the update. For more info, visit
        Your console will restart after the operation is complete. Do you want to continue?
      8. Your Xbox 360 console will restart. Apply the latest software updates.
  • Original Xbox 360 console

Use our Flashing Lights solution. Select one flashing light as the problem, and then follow the steps in the solution.

If these steps don't resolve the problem, you'll need to request a repair.

Repair or warranty questions? See Xbox 360 warranty, registration, and repair: Frequently asked questions.

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