Voice and digital assistants

Where’s Cortana?
Cortana is no longer available on Xbox One consoles. Find out what your options are for voice interaction.
Set up Alexa with Xbox One
Learn how to set up the Xbox skill for the Alexa digital assistant.
Set up Google Assistant with Xbox One
Control your Xbox One console from any Google Assistant or Google Home-enabled device.
What can I say using digital assistants on Xbox One?
Get a list of speech skills and voice commands you can use with a digital assistant on Xbox One.
Using Alexa with multiple Xbox consoles
Learn how to connect and use Alexa with more than one Xbox.
Use Alexa with multiple Xbox profiles
Get details on how to set up an Amazon Household on Xbox One.
Set up Cortana with Xbox One
Find out how to set up Cortana as a digital assistant on Xbox One.

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