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Troubleshoot buttons on Xbox One controllers

The Xbox One Wireless Controller is designed for a long life. In the rare instance that one of your controller buttons doesn't respond correctly or at all, check whether the issue you're experiencing happens in all your experiences or just in one particular game. If you're only having the issue in one game, there may be an issue with that game. Visit the game's help page to troubleshoot (this may be a third-party site). But if the issue happens whenever you use the controller, the controller needs to be replaced.

Note If your controller buttons react incorrectly, your controller was probably reconfigured by another user. For example, when you press a button, a different button responds. Find out how to remap your buttons at Customise a standard Xbox One Wireless Controller with the Xbox Accessories app.

Troubleshoot removable parts on the Elite Wireless Controller

If you're using an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and the problem is with a removable part, follow these steps to determine if you need to replace the controller:

  1. Make sure that you're using only the original removable part or an authorised third-party part. Any non-licensed or homemade parts are not designed to operate to specifications.
  2. Make sure that the part is connecting properly and that no debris is in its way.
  3. Try other removable parts to see if the controller responds.
  4. Reset your controller's defaults in the Xbox Accessories app and the try using it again. If resetting fixes the issue, you may have adjusted a button in a way that affected certain gameplay.

If you've tried these steps and the Elite controller still doesn't respond, replace the controller. If other parts of the controller work but one particular removable part doesn't, contact Xbox support for a replacement.

Request a replacement

Go to the Xbox Online Service Centre to request a replacement Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

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