Xbox 360 operating system versions and system updates

Your console won’t update If you’re having trouble installing a system update on your Xbox 360 console, try these troubleshooting tips.

The list below shows you the current Xbox 360 operating system version number, and what features were added or updated based in the current system update.

To find your Xbox 360 console’s operating system version:

  1. Go to the Settings hub.
  2. Select the System tile.
  3. Select Console Settings.
  4. Highlighting System info will show you the current settings for the Dashboard and IP address.
  5. Your OS version is the number listed after the Dashboard heading in the grey pane to the right of the Console Settings menu.

OS version: 2.0.17544.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17544.0

Release date


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Previous System Updates

OS version: 2.0.17526.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17526.0

Release date


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

OS version: 2.0.17502.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17502.0

Release date


  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

OS version: 2.0.17489.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17489.0

Release date


New or updated features

Accept Terms of Use

  • You can now connect your Xbox 360 to a network that requires a Terms of Use acceptance. After first connecting you will be prompted to test your Xbox Live Connection. Your suggestion will direct you to use Internet Explorer to login to the network. You must have the latest update of Internet Explorer first.

Activity Feed

  • Like, comment, and share your friend’s activities, post new messages, watch game clips, view screenshots, and see what your friends are playing from your Xbox 360. You can get to Activity Feed from the social twist.

See what your friends are doing on Xbox One or Windows

  • By popular demand you can now see what your friends are playing on Xbox One and Windows 10 from your Xbox 360.

Microsoft Movies & TV

  • You can now access your movie and TV collection from Microsoft Movies and TV (was Xbox Video).

See your money

  • Your Microsoft account balance will now be shown when you are looking at the details of a game or when browsing the marketplace.

Redeem Codes from messages

  • When you receive an Xbox Live Marketplace code in a message you will now be able to redeem that code by simply pressing “Redeem Code”.

OS version: 2.0.17349.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17349.0

Release date


New or updated features

Larger external USB hard drives

  • Plug in any external USB hard drive up to 2 TB to store your Xbox 360 downloads, profile, saved games and other data.
  • If you previously set up an external USB hard drive that’s larger than 32 GB, you’ll need to reformat the drive to use the additional space.

Purchase history

  • You can now see your recent purchases on your Xbox 360. To view, go to Settings > Account > Purchase History.

Password reset

  • Forgot your password? You can now reset it on your Xbox 360 by selecting Forgot your password? at sign-in.

Network statistics

  • To see network statistics such as download speed, upload speed and signal strength, go to Settings > System > Network Settings. Select your network, and then choose Network Statistics.

See your money

  • Your Microsoft account balance now appears in the top-right-hand corner of the Xbox Dashboard. To turn it off, go to Settings > Profile > Account Security, and then choose Display Money in Microsoft Account.

OS version: 2.0.17150.0

DASHBOARD: 2.0.17150.0

Release date

12/11/2014 (additional functionality enabled on 3/1/2015)

New or updated features

Xbox One Games with Gold on Xbox 360

  • Redeem Xbox One Games with Gold for free on your Xbox 360. Build your game library every month so new games are waiting for you to play when you purchase an Xbox One.

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