Payments and purchases

Manage your Xbox Live payment options
Sign in to your account to manage your Xbox Live payment options now.
How to set up mobile payments
Meet the simpler way to shop on Xbox One.
Billing update for Xbox Live monthly subscriptions
Learn about the new, streamlined way we bill for your subscriptions.
Manage your payment options online
Learn how to manage your payment options online.
How to manage your child's Xbox subscription
Get more information on how to update or modify payment options for your child's Xbox subscription.
Use PayPal with your Microsoft account
Learn how to use your PayPal account as a payment option for purchasing content and subscriptions.
The payment for your Xbox subscription was declined
Learn how to add a new payment option and transfer your outstanding balance if your payment was declined.
Manage your billing address and payment options on Xbox One
Learn how to update your billing info and manage your payment options on your Xbox One console.
Troubleshoot Xbox 360 Marketplace purchasing
Learn how to troubleshoot Xbox 360 Marketplace purchasing issues.
Update your billing contact information on Xbox 360
Follow these steps to update your billing contact information on your Xbox 360 console.

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