Family: Safety tools

Block inappropriate websites on your Xbox One console
Find out how to use web filtering on your Xbox One console.
Content limits when an adult and a child are both signed in on Xbox One
Find out about content limits behavior when both an adult and a child are signed in to an Xbox One console.
Use content limits on Xbox One when no one is signed in
Learn how to restrict access to an Xbox One console when no one is signed in.
How to mute or block other players on Xbox One
Learn how to mute or block other players on Xbox One.
The Microsoft Code of Conduct
Conduct is anything you do that impacts the Xbox community. Learn what behavior is encouraged and what can result in a violation.
Good player behavior on Xbox One
Learn what makes a good player on Xbox One, along with tips for healthy gaming.
Understanding smack talk
Understand the difference between friendly banter and verbal harassment.
Xbox Live suspensions
Learn about Xbox Live suspensions, including communications, account, and privilege suspensions.
File a complaint on Xbox One
If you’ve tried to manage a problem with another player and the problem persists, you should file a complaint. Learn how here.

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