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Troubleshooting Xbox Games on Windows 8 and Windows RT

If you run into problems running Xbox Games on Windows 8 or Windows RT, this page can help you find the information you need to resolve the problems.

Using the Games app

A sample screen from the Games app shows the Xbox Games Store.

The Games app comes pre-installed on Windows 8 and Windows RT PCs. If you have trouble connecting to Xbox Live or running a game, try the links below to help resolve the problem so that you can get back to gaming.


Connecting to Xbox Live from a computer

Learn more about how to troubleshoot the connection from your PC to Xbox Live.

Connect to your Xbox Live account with Xbox on Windows games

Learn more about connecting Xbox Live to Xbox on Windows games.

Installing and troubleshooting

Install the Games app on Windows 8

Find out how to start the pre-installed Games app on your Windows 8 or Windows RT PC and how to use it.

Error message “Your PC doesn't meet the minimum requirements” occurs when you try to install a game or app from the Windows Store

Find out what to do if you get an error message about not having the minimum requirements on your PC.

Troubleshoot performance and stability issues in PC games

If a game you're playing runs slow or freezes up, learn what you can do to your computer to help alleviate these problems. Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve performance and stability problems with Xbox-enabled apps on your Windows 8-based PC.

Troubleshoot problems with an app

Learn what to do if you're experiencing problems with apps and how you may be able to fix them yourself.

How to find support information for Xbox Games on Windows 8

Xbox provides information and support for Microsoft-published Xbox Games on Windows 8 titles. Microsoft does not publish every game sold through the Windows Store, and not every game is an Xbox Games on Windows 8 title.

For general support for Games on Windows Live, see Troubleshoot performance and stability issues in PC games.

Each game that's available from the Windows Store includes a link to the publisher's customer support site. You can find this information on the Overview tab of the game's entry in the Windows Store. Be aware that the exact wording and location of the text varies by publisher.

A sample Overview screen for a game, with options to install, play, get more information and access support

After you find the game publisher's support link, click it for contact and support information.

Payments and billing

Edit payment method for the Windows Store and view billing history

Learn how to add, update or change your payment method for making purchases in the Windows Store.

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