Multiplayer games and ratings on Xbox One

If you want to make sure the games played on your Xbox One console are age appropriate, we can help you tailor your Xbox One gaming experience to fit your needs. On this page, you’ll find info on games rating systems, how to filter games by rating, and how to ratings work on multiplayer games.

Rating system

Xbox respects content rating standards for every region Xbox products are available. Different regions use different rating systems to best represent their needs. To learn more about the rating systems in your region, see Game Rating Information.

Filtering on Xbox One

We provide you with filters in the Store tab. From the Store, go to Browse games > All games. The filters appear at the top, and you can select more than one. Select More filters to filter by content rating system.

Multiplayer games

The rating systems only cover local single-player versions of the game. They don’t cover online interactions within the games themselves.

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