Password and security

How do multiplayer and communication work for cross-network play?
In multiplayer games on Xbox Live, privacy and online-safety controls determine who can communicate with you in voice and text—on Xbox Live and on other gaming networks.
Learn about the age-appropriate controls and family privacy settings you can adjust on and on your Xbox One console.
Reset your Microsoft account password
If you forgot your Microsoft account password, this page will help you reset your password.
Create an Xbox One passkey
Learn about the benefits of using an Xbox One passkey and how to create one to help keep your account secure.
Delete your Microsoft account security info
Learn how to delete security information from your Microsoft account.
Definition of a Microsoft child account
Learn what a child account is and what qualifies a Microsoft account to be treated as a child account.
Signing in on multiple Xbox consoles at the same time
Find out what to do when you have signed your account in to multiple Xbox One consoles.
Verify the security information for your Microsoft account
Learn how to verify the security information for your Microsoft account so you can use it to prove your identity if you need to make changes to your account.
You’re repeatedly prompted for your password when signing in on Xbox One
Learn what to do if you are repeatedly prompted for your password on Xbox One.
Manage your Xbox One passkey
Find out how to change or delete your passkey, or what to do if you’ve forgotten it.

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