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Accessibility features in the Zune Music + Video software

Note As of 15 November 2015, the Zune service has been discontinued. This may cause errors when attempting to stream or download content or update the service.

Accessibility basics

The Zune software has features that make it accessible to those who have limited dexterity, low vision or other impairments. The following features make the Zune software more accessible:

  • The Magnifier. The Magnifier, which is included in Windows, enlarges the items on the screen to help you see and use the Zune software. For more information about the Magnifier, go to the Tutorials page on the Microsoft Accessibility website.
  • The keyboard. Zune was designed so that you can easily use the keyboard to move through and interact with the Zune software instead of using a mouse or other devices. To learn more about how to use the keyboard, go to Keyboard shortcuts for Zune in the next section of this article.
  • The Tab key. Pressing Tab on your keyboard moves you through the main command options on the Zune software screen. For example, the Tab key will move you through the Search and Settings options as well as volume, playlists, your song list and other controls and items.

Active control. As you tab through the page, you’ll see a dotted rectangle outlining an item that you can access. This is called your “active control”. When the item that you want to access is selected, use the appropriate keys to activate that control (type into a text box, use the Spacebar to select or clear a check box or option button, or press the Enter key to activate a button).

Note The information in this section may apply only to users who license Microsoft products in the United States. If you obtain the product outside the United States, you can use the subsidiary information card that came with your software package or go to the Microsoft Accessibility website for a list of telephone numbers and addresses for Microsoft Support. You can contact your subsidiary to find out whether the type of products and services described in this section are available in your area. Information about accessibility is available in other languages, including Japanese and French.

Keyboard shortcuts for Zune

Here’s a list of accessibility keyboard shortcuts that you can use in the Zune software.

To do this: Use this keyboard shortcut:
Previous item or chapter Ctrl + B
Go to search box Ctrl + E
Next item or chapter Ctrl + F
Turn shuffle on or off Ctrl + H
Eject CD (this doesn’t work on computers equipped with more than one CD drive) Ctrl + J
Play or pause playing Ctrl + P
Stop playing Ctrl + S
In audio playback, turn repeat on or off Ctrl + T
Zoom video size Ctrl + Z
In video playback, rewind video

In audio playback, return playback to normal speed after fast forwarding
Ctrl + Shift + B
Fast forward through the song or video Ctrl + Shift + F
Show Zune Help F1
Mute sound F7
Decrease sound volume F8
Increase sound volume F9

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